Quiz on ulysses by tennyson

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quiz on ulysses by tennyson

In Alfred Lord Tennysons poem "Ulysses," who is the speaker? (1565 people answered this)

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Ulysses Objective Type Questions/Practice Set/Mcqs

Who wrote the poem, Ulysses? A. Scott, Lord Peterson. B. Alfred, Lord Tennyson. C. Robert Browning. D. William Wordsworth. 6. “All times I.

Tennyson's Poems Quiz 2

By Alfred Tennyson. London: Edward Moxon, Dover Street. Dante's Virgil compels Ulysses to narrate the story of his last voyage:. Then of that age-old fire the loftier horn Began to mutter and move, as a wavering flame Wrestles against the wind and is over-worn; And, like a speaking tongue vibrant to frame language, the tip of it flickering to and fro Threw out a voice and answered. Penguin translator Dorothy L. Sayers' note indicates that the narrative of the last voyage derives from no known classical source, although an ambiguous prediction in the Odyssey implies that the hero will set out again: "from the sea shall thine own death come.

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Embed Size px x x x x What wouldDr. Phil say to Ulysses? Is Ulysses serious in this poem? Poetry; Psychology; Whichdetails in the poem support the notion that Ulysses' wish is for oblivion rather Poem Topic Questions.

Check your understanding of ''Ulysses'' with an interactive quiz and printable worksheet. The tools consist of multiple-choice questions that will.
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Tennyson's Poems

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