Robert stewart king of scotland

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robert stewart king of scotland

Uncrowned King of Scots: Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, 1339-1420 by Stuart McCabe

The subject of this book is one I find very interesting, however it could have used better proofreading.
Page 7 describes Marjory Bruce as Robert the Bruces sister. She wasnt. She was his daughter by his 1st wife, Isabella of Mar, and she later married Walter, High Steward of Scotland, otherwise known as Walter the Steward. On page 20 McCabe writes in June 2nd 1341 which should be on June 2nd 1341. On page 109 it states the king was travelling through Lothian. The reference is to James, Earl of Carrick, the future King of Scots, who is not king at this point. His father is anxious to get him out of Scotland as it was and still is thought that Robert, Duke of Albany, was responsible for his nephew David, Duke of Rothesays death in captivity. The use of present tense verbs when they should be past tense throughout the book interferes with the flow of the narrative. Love the subject.
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Robert II of Scotland

His year-old mother Marjorie had been riding in Paisley, Renfrewshire Scotland. Her horse was suddenly startled and threw her to the ground. Marjorie went into premature labor and her child Robert was delivered by caesarean section at the nearby Paisley Abbey.
Stuart McCabe

Robert III of Scotland

Marjorie was riding in Gallowhill, Paisley, Renfrewshire while heavily pregnant. Her horse was suddenly startled and threw her to the ground at a place called "The Knock. Marjorie died within a few hours. She was nineteen at the time of her death, like her mother, who was also nineteen years old when she died in childbirth. Robert was created 7th High Steward of Scotland on 9 April Robert, Earl of Atholl and Elizabeth had ten children see below. Euphemie was a widow of John Randolph, Earl of Moray.

The wider picture in Scotland at the time is set out in our Historical Timeline. Malcolm IV made the position hereditary, and Walter's son inherited the title and took the surname Stewart. The historical origins of the title lay in the role of the King's food bearer: in practice it meant a very senior adviser and member of the court. The 6th High Steward played an important role at the Battle of Bannockburn and married the King's daughter. Robert was their only child. For a long time it seemed that Robert the Bruce would not have a son.

Heir presumptive for more than 50 years, he had little effect on Scottish political and military affairs when he finally acceded to the throne. On the death of his father, Walter the Steward , in , Robert became seventh hereditary steward of Scotland at age From he was heir presumptive to his maternal grandfather, King Robert I the Bruce died After David had been ransomed from the English, Robert led an unsuccessful rebellion — On the death of David Feb. He took no active part in the renewed war with England from to

Edward Bruce , younger brother of Robert the Bruce, was named heir presumptive but died without heirs on 3 December
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