Lds talks on struggling marriage

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lds talks on struggling marriage

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Published 17.04.2019

Choose Wisely

5 Amazing Marriage Tips from LDS Church Leaders

They had moved the chairs close enough to hold hands tenderly as the conversation began. Their surprise, and perhaps embarrassment, at finding themselves in marriage counseling seemed evident not only from the subdued manner in which they spoke but also in the way they looked at each other. Theirs had been almost a storybook wedding. Matt was a returned missionary, and Megan was the faithful sweetheart who waited. They had maintained their worthiness during their engagement and enjoyed the blessing of a temple sealing on their wedding day 11 years earlier. What had gone wrong?

Getting married to the love of your life is exciting and wonderful! Striving to mix your lives together, understanding your differences, and learning to communicate can be hard, but well worth the effort. Your marriage is an amazing thing in and of itself! Elder Russell M. This is what our marriages are destined for, but each of us have to choose to fulfill this potential. When you understand and constantly remember how important your marriage is, it will help increase your desire to enhance it. That union is not merely between husband and wife; it embraces a partnership with God.

II. Strengthening Marriage

My beloved brethren and sisters, thank you for your love of the Lord and His gospel. Wherever you live, your righteous lives provide good examples in these days of decaying morals and disintegrating marriages. As we Brethren travel about the world, sometimes we see worrisome scenes. On a recent flight, I sat behind a husband and wife. She obviously loved her husband.

Asked about his concerns regarding Church members, President Gordon B. We have wonderful people, but we have too many whose families are falling apart. It is a matter of serious concern. Some Latter-day Saints enjoy a close union with their spouse while others try valiantly to keep their marriage together in the face of challenges or long-lasting trials. The Ensign recently asked members who at some point in their past had contemplated divorce how they were able to reject the idea of divorce and use gospel principles to improve their marriages.

Makes You Think. To address communication problems with couples in counseling, I often point to the four dangerous patterns identified by Dr. John Gottman from the University of Washington after years of research. Criticism We are critical when we communicate our concerns in a way that can be interpreted as personally attacking or blaming. Inevitably, concerns and frustrations in marriage expressed as criticism rise to the surface, often at a heated moment.


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