Aqa a level biology essay

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aqa a level biology essay

AQA Biology Synoptic Essays: The only book for the current A-level Biology Exam by Al Waters

** Both essay titles for both the 2017 and 2018 exams were covered **
The only book written for the new (first sitting 2017) AQA Biology exam and gives clear, concise and updated advice for every title found in the last 20 years and complete A* essays for 25 of them. On top of this are example paragraphs, key tips and how to organise your essay to get the most marks. This book has evolved over a period of years. I am fortunate to have had a number of truly excellent students (Oxbridge and full UMS). I ordered the transcript of all our school’s A* papers and collated the essays. Where there were gaps I gave our top students the past-paper titles and mark schemes and paid them to write ‘model essays’. Then, as a trained marker, I edited them all to make sure they were written to an A* standard. A colleague of mine, who has also marked for AQA, then went through them as a third independent determination of their grade. We have used this collection of essays in our school for a number of years with fantastic results. With the advent of the new specification, I revisited them and made changes to reflect the new content. Topics that are no longer at A-level have been removed and new content added, which made me realise the vast differences between the old and new specifications. This has been a surprisingly onerous undertaking, but I am very proud of the result. Someone then suggested to me that I should publish my work and this is the product – an analysis of over 40 titles and 25 A* essays.

Update: both of the titles used in the summer exam of 2017 were covered in the book. One was literally exactly the same and the other had been covered also. Looking at the mark schemes all aspects suggested were covered. I will not describe these here as they are likely to be in your mock.
It was also the same for the 2018 exam.

Review on student rooms:
When writing Biology A-level synoptic essays, it’s important that A-level appropriate and specific vocabulary is used. Remember that the AQA Biology A-level exam tests both your level of knowledge and understanding of the given title but you must also show a breadth of knowledge of the subject. Articulating your understanding in a clear way that not just covers the scientific aspect of the subject, but also ‘selling yourself’ as an A* candidate. This book is packed with well articulated, concise and updated information regarding Biology A-level essay writing. If read and understood it has the potential of earning the desired top mark. The book also consists of key tips and insight on how you can organize your essay. The book is split into five areas to reflect the topic groups of previous essay titles.The book starts with an insight on how to approach A-level Biology essays and how you can effectively prepare for the exams. As well as being a teacher of over 20 years’ experience the author has also worked as a marker. The essays have been updated with new and relevant content for the new specification giving those seeking to write Biology A-level synoptic essays an easy time finding valuable and updated information. Remember that an essay is worth 25 marks out of maybe 78. In candidates overall AQA Biology A-level exam score it is often the part that shows the most variation. However as well as information for the essay, reading the sample essays will also help with covering synoptic information from year 1 studies. It’s important that one gets quality understanding of what it takes to get that high mark for Biology A-level essays. Remember the goal is to get the highest number of marks from the Biology A-level essays. Knowing the kind of writing style that can warrant you the required marks is also important and all that is shared in this book.
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The Mammalian Heart & Cardiac Cycle


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Ap central biology. General biology and virtual labs. Now Available! AP Biology is a course taken by high school students in order to gain credit for introductory college level biology courses. Biology Review. This process happens in the nucleus of a cell.

What do you want to do? Add to cart. Add to wishlist. Revision of this material will be essential as a guide for how to approach the AQA A-Level Paper 3 and will improve your knowledge and ability to link your knowledge across all aspects of the course. This is beneficial as the type of questions used in the examinations are based on your ability to link your knowledge of different topics.

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This means that it can convert the information to a form that the human body can interpret. A-level Biology is a stepping stone to future study, which is why we also consulted universities to ensure these specifications allow students to develop the skills that they want to see. If you think you'll panic more doing this, then don't, but it can be helpful to keep the titles in the back of your mind as some of the questions in the bulk of the paper may have information useful to the essay itself. This allows energy to be conserved. Cells in the tip of the shoot produce IAA, which is then transported down the shoot. ATP is released by mitochondria, providing energy to recombine acetyl and choline. Acetylcholine diffuses across the cleft and fuses with receptor sites on sodium channels found on the presynaptic membrane.


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