Stressed is desserts spelled backwards

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stressed is desserts spelled backwards

Quote by Priyanka R: “STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards. So when...”

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Published 17.04.2019

The Pie Goddess: Stressed Spelled Backwards...

Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts – something to think about!

This is my kind of stress. Everything from Apples to Chocolate, and some other stuff! What does that mean? However, the original author is lost to time. What I find interesting is that your viewpoint changes the word. Read front to back, you are stressed.

It's the beginning of the year; time to start getting back into a routine, time to plan out your work schedule with your homework schedule; all while still trying to leave time in between for your social life and sleep. Often times in between the running around non-stop we tend to find ourselves grabbing whatever we can munch on that's tasty and satisfying, especially if you're anything like me when you're busy and stressed ,all you want is that quick pick tasty treat. After a long day, doing homework, or in between breaks when you're starting to go slightly crazy from your schedule; nothing sounds better than comfort food; however unfortunately, our typical comfort food isn't so comforting.
screams from tha old plantation

2. Fresh Fruit

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We all have those days — glance at the clock, realise it is 4pm already and there is no chance whatsever of you getting to that PhD students draft today. And then there is the guilt. I have been working with a just graduated PhD disclaimer: not my student on an article. I laughed, but felt awful — had I really canceled the last three meetings? But three meeting cancellations… thats a lot. Darn it! After all, the fact that stressed is desserts spelled backwards has to be a subliminal sign that we need more chocolate mudcake in our lives RIGHT NOW… right?




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