This american life mike birbiglia the new one

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this american life mike birbiglia the new one

Sleepwalk With Me and Other Painfully True Stories by Mike Birbiglia

Hello, I am Mike Birbiglia and I want you to read my book. Too on the nose? Sorry. Let me dial it back.

 I’m Mike Birbiglia and I’m a comedian. You may know me from Comedy Central or This American Life or The Bob & Tom Show, but you’ve never seen me like this before.


Wait, that’s the name of another book. Also I’m not naked as there are no pictures in my book. Also, if there were naked pictures of me, you definitely wouldn’t buy it, though you might sneak a copy into the back corner of the bookstore and show it to your friend and laugh. Okay, let’s get off the naked stuff.

This is my first book. It’s difficult to describe. It’s a comedic memoir, but I’m only 32 years old so I’d hate for you to think I’m “wrapping it up,” so to speak. But I tell some personal stories. Some REALLY personal stories. Stories that I considered not publishing time and time again, especially when my father said, “Michael, you might want to stay away from the per­sonal stuff.” I said, “Dad, just read the dedication.” (Which I’m telling you to do too.)

Some of the stories are about my childhood, some are about girls I made out with when I was thirteen, some are about my parents, and some are, of course, about my bouts with sleepwalking. Bring this book to bed. And sleepwalk with me.

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Mike Birbiglia - This American Life - Return to the Scene of the Crime

Comedian Mike Birbiglia, his wife, and his cat take a trip together and meet some Mike's new Broadway show is "The New One," in previews October
Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia

By Greg Evans. The limited engagement begins previews on Oct. The limited engagement runs through Jan. Not mine. The truth is I try not to tell people anything about my new show because, I find, the less you know about the show the more you will enjoy it. My goal is to make as many people laugh as possible and ideally several hundred will cry.

Opening November Preview performances will begin on October 25, with the official opening set for November 11, for a limited engagement through January 20, Tickets are on sale now through www. Which is fitting because this show is about somebody's youth. Not mine. But somebody's!

It is my unfortunate duty to burst his bubble and tell you a bit about his new show, which opened tonight at the Cort Theatre. What The New One is not, however, is a play. Springsteen on Broadway is not a play, really. Stand-ups do Broadway gigs. So do divas, putting on a concert.

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Sasha Israel for Observer. Mike Birbiglia is currently making his Broadway debut in The New One , an uncomfortably personal, deeply funny one-man show about his struggles with impending fatherhood. His name is writ large on a marquee at the Cort Theater in Times Square. But, Birbiglia insists, a lot of his life still involves explaining who the hell he is. Part stand-up, part Spalding Gray-style monologist, Birbiglia, now 40, is a comedian, actor and filmmaker with a lot of anxieties—and until relatively recently, a slow-burn career. Not the other day, when as part of his usual pre-performance routine, Birbiglia ordered himself a coffee at Blue Bottle in Rockefeller Center.

Built around the innovative personal vision of host Ira Glass, "This American Life," quite literally, pioneered a new kind of radio storytelling. The weekly program explores a theme — fiascos, conventions, the job that takes over your life — through a playful mix of radio monologues, mini-documentaries, "found tape," short fiction and unusual music. Usually the program applies the tools of journalism to everyday life. But sometimes it tackles news stories, leading to some of its most distinctive and acclaimed shows. It spent another hour with mercenary soldiers fighting in Iraq. One show followed school reform over a decade at a Chicago public school.


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    He is a frequent contributor to This American Life and The Moth , and has released several comedy albums and television specials.

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    Use the code TNOTALIFE to save up to 40% on tickets to see "The New One.".

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