Buddhist way of living life

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buddhist way of living life

Everyday Suchness Quotes by Gyomay M. Kubose

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Published 14.04.2019

17 advice from Buddha to help you live a better life

The Buddhist Way of Life

Buddhism is a religion and an applied philosophy. The faith does not endorse the existence of a soul, nor does it endorse that worldly things are permanent or the existence of worldly happiness. It goes by following the middle path which is a balance between every aspect of life. Buddhism is a guide towards eliminating suffering through the eight-fold path that is guided by the four noble truths and the five main moral codes. The purpose for this essay is to describe the ways in which Buddhists play out their everyday lives, the steps to take towards achieving enlightenment, and ways in which we can apply this belief to our daily life and travels. Nam Dokmai, a young boy living in Thailand, and practicing the Buddhist lifestyle describes his point of view from what he experiences everyday.

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Take 12 Pieces of Buddhist Wisdom on the go and get the workbook guide to begin putting into practice the 12 points in this post:. It wasn't a statue of the original Buddha, but rather a statue of what's generally considered Maitreya, the "future" Buddha, usually represented as a hefty man sitting with his robe partly opened and often with beads around his neck. This particular statue was a pretty common image, one where his belly protruded out to reveal his belly button. My grandma would always tell me, "Rub his tummy and you'll have good luck! I was supposed to rub his bellybutton specifically, as I remember trying to lay my finger on his tiny belly button and rub in a circle, despite the fact that the belly button was a fraction of a millimeter in diameter. I, like many others in the West, grew up with a pretty distorted image of Buddhism.


  1. Ram S. says:

    Four Simple Tips for Living a Buddhist Life It is to help people in an appropriate way, such as giving advice, and likewise to be generous and disciplined and.

  2. Serge C. says:

    Innumerable books have been written about Buddhism, but most of these are far too exhaustive, too specialized, or too scholarly to be of much practical help to the busy lay Buddhist in search of concise guidance.

  3. Edelmar V. says:

    For Buddha, the path to happiness starts from an understanding of the root causes of suffering.

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