Facts of life for boys

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facts of life for boys

Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life by Terri Shearer Trenchard

A witty and humorous description of puberty, adolescence, sex and reproduction.

The main character, Bork, leads fellow pre-teen boys on a journey through everything from physical growth and development to shaving and reproduction. All of the essential, factual information is conveyed in a way that is easy to understand. The amusing and edgy style of this book will appeal to boys ranging from nine to twelve years old. Bork empowers them with easy-to-understand facts, while the interactive element called “Real Deal Action Challenges” promotes understanding through simple and entertaining activities.

The book is ideal for those wishing to be proactive about giving the important coming-of-age talk to their sons. It also serves as a perfect review of the topics presented in the 5th and 6th grade sex education discussions at school.

Instructors of sex education courses taught in upper elementary and middle school will find the book helpful in their teachings and discussions. The book’s lighthearted, interactive approach to much-needed information is a welcomed complement to round out the fact-based, sometimes dry curriculum.
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Not that New York's junior senator actually sat down with the boy to lay out the facts, with infographics and pie charts and Wikipedia references -- though if I'd thought she would have obliged me, I'd certainly have asked her. No, the good senator was the subject of an NPR Morning Edition profile I was listening to recently on the drive to school. NPR is my go-to station in the morning for the 10 minutes of news I might pick up to keep me connected to the larger world that exists outside of Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel and PTO scuttlebutt. My kid never listens to NPR. He's usually far too engrossed in whatever book he's reading on his Kindle to even notice something as old media as the radio. Or me also old, I might add. Which is why I never get more than a distracted Uh

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And James, also 30, recalls the first time he had a wet dream at about age It was only later that I discovered other people had them. I was 15 before a teacher explained it to me in sex education. Eleven-year-old Sean Stewart is going to be a dad. The news that he is the father of a baby expected by Emma Webster, aged 15, has provoked amazement in some quarters, resigned despair in others.

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