12 basic strikes in arnis

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12 basic strikes in arnis

Modern Arnis: The Filipino Art of Stick Fighting by Remy A. Presas

Covering a variety of preparatory stretches and warm-up exercises, the 12-zone striking and defense systems, hand-to-hand combat (“trapping hands”), flow-practice drills, sinawali and redonda, this 160-page, fully illustrated text gives novices a tangible amount of self-defense skill through specific drills. For example, the sinawali is taught without sticks, in empty-hand fashion, to illustrate how its weaving motions can be easily translated into empty-hand movements for blocking, punching, and takedowns. He discusses the 12 important angles of attacks on the human body, 12 basic ways of dealing with each angle, plus stick and sword disarming techniques.
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Bruce Chiu Teaching the 12 Basic Strikes of Modern Arnis

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Remy A. Presas

Arnis Fighting Techniques – A Detailed Guide

Modern arnis teaches techniques that can be performed with sticks, knives or empty hands. Students typically learn the 12 basic striking angles before trying more advanced techniques. These angles include forehand, backhand, thrusting and downward strikes. To begin practicing these angles of attack, firmly grasp one end of an arnis stick. Angles one, three and nine are forehand strikes.

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I. Fundamentals

Many forms of martial arts claim to be the deadliest or most potent or most superior, but none could claim to be as reliable as Arnis, Kali, and Eskrima. - This page is intended to guide readers and aspiring practitioners through the different aspects of the Filipino Martial Arts of Eskrima, giving them a bird's eye view of its fundamentals, weapons, training, techniques, and self-defence and fighting methods.

One of the challenges every aspiring stick fighting practitioner face when learning Arnis Fighting Techniques is getting a complete understanding of the art — its essentials and principles, and effectiveness. Many think of it as some ancient art that is no longer relevant in an age of guns, germs, and steel. I used to think the same way when I first started out as a practitioner. My understanding of the art back then was half-baked. I knew the art was effective but much of my understanding of it came from Hollywood movies and local sports tournaments.


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