Star trek tng season 8

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star trek tng season 8

Warped: An Engaging Guide to the Never-Aired 8th Season by Mike McMahan

The official parody guide to the unaired eighth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, based on the popular @TNG_S8 Twitter account from creator Mike McMahan!

In the basement of the Star Trek archives, behind shelves of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D models, bags of wigs, and bins of plastic phasers, sits a dusty cardboard box. Inside is a pile of VHS tapes that contain never-before-seen episodes and behind-the-scenes footage for something truly amazing. The world thinks there are only seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but there’s one more. A secret season.

Actually, not really. But that didn’t stop Mike McMahan, creator of the parody Twitter account @TNG_S8, from making a guide full of:

(* Again, not really, of course. This is humor. Sorry.)

So impress your friends and bewilder your enemies with your newfound knowledge of these very lost Star Trek episodes! Engage!
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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Coming Back?

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If you're a Trek fan, there's an embarrassment of riches for you on Twitter -- you can follow cast members including Wil Wheaton , LeVar Burton , Brent Spiner , heck -- even Shatner and Nimoy are tweeting! But while their feeds are great, they're not the best. Although it contains only 93 tweets, each is a hilariously fictional "Plot from the unaired 8th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. For example:. The Enterprise fills with water, Riker must swim through increasingly floodedJefferies tubes to reach the valve. Data learns to snap.

Thanks to Brain Confetti for the assist. Roman centurions force Riker to fight a gorilla. There's no room for a side story here: the main plot is too epic. Also: it's a 3-parter. Picard must relax for a week while his new heart is delivered. Wesley's dino experiment mistakenly mixes with Riker's beard DNA, creating the sexy-but-dangerous Velociriker. Troi's mom tries to marry it.

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If the original Star Trek proved that space was the final frontier, it also suggested that maybe it was a frontier too far for mainstream American television. It got canceled after just three years. Apparently, a lot can change in two decades: When Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted in , it launched not only a series that would last for seven glorious seasons, but an era of television dominance for the franchise that would stretch out for decades to come. Abrams relaunch of the franchise, however, the future of Next Generation has been consigned to limbo to some extent. Now that the new Captain Kirk, Bones, and Spock are exciting audiences on the big screen, new fans might be going back and discovering the original Star Trek , but do they know there's so much more beyond that? It's possible there's an entire


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