How to make a lightning bolt in little alchemy

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how to make a lightning bolt in little alchemy

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Little Alchemy Full Gameplay Walkthrough

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. Got it! How to make 'electricity' in Little Alchemy. electricity.

The Twin Jinn and The Alchemy Machine

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As recently promised on my profile, I am doing a full rewrite of Lightning Strike, the first book in the trilogy, in order to bring it up to the quality of the other two books. Some edits may also be made to book 2, Ashes, in the future, depending on how I feel when this trilogy is done. I am not changing the story. Most of the original plot is staying the same, it is based off of the original anime after all, so I can only change so much. But I am improving the overall writing and developing the characters and relationships more smoothly. I was young when I started writing this series.

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Little Alchemy 2

The Jinn family lives in a small town where Jute and Fina go to school. Their parents want them to learn more about humans, but the twins are impatient about the human version of the world. Without their parents knowing, they create an alchemy machine for a science project. Jute and Fina Jinn stood on the top bar of the swing set with their arms raised high. If the twins wanted, they could fall and let the wind carry them miles away.

Her Interactive Inc. Well, have you lit the forge? Get the fire by opening all of the columns and charming the gargoyles. Get the water by filling the well and doing the frog puzzle. Get the air wind by doing the wind puzzle in the Alchemy Lab. The whole game leads up to this lighting of the forge and then you can make the key and finish the game!

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