How do i delete my deviantart account

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how do i delete my deviantart account

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Published 29.03.2019

How To Deactivate Your DA Account FAIL

Click on this link; Login with the email and password; Click “Yes, deactivate my account,” and enter your password once again; Click “Yes, send me the.

How To Close A DeviantArt Account When Someone Dies

Drunk me decided to lose sanity and comment on bondage and suggestive art of an mlp character late at night saying how bad the anatomy was and now I want to delete my account since it's stupid and I don't use it anyway. I can't get the stupid email. Anyone know what I can do? I know this is the forums but I still need to ask. It's ok. Part of the MLP fandom hated me for a while because I was comm'd to draw a third evolution of Rapidash which was naturally a Pegasus with a unicorn horn.

Closed to new replies Posted: June 29, Link. Replies: How do I permanently delete my damn Account?! Mariah Featured By Owner Jun 29, Is there a way to delete my goddamn account because that is the one that I goddamn need Devious Comments Load All Images. Thread closed.

As far as I know you can't totally delete your account. You can deactivate it, which will scub the contents of your pages and entries after
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Devious Comments

Originally, deviantART users had to send a request to Staff to have their accounts Deactivated, and in the process the Staff would ban the original accounts rather than use a Deactivation feature. To this day, many Deviants who originally wanted their account to be Deactivated have the "banned" symbol over their page, but deviantART may or may not have intended threat reports on their website available. When the account is deactivated, you are given the chance to reactivate it two days after deactivation, but this lasts only for a month. When this limit is exceeded, the account will be permanently deleted from DeviantArt and all content associated with the account will be erased completely. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. All users are given the option to deactivate their account at any given time.

I was just wondering why isn't deleting accounts possible? Even when you deactivate the account, you can still login but without any possibility to do anything. What's the use in that? If someone really want's to delete the account I think it should be possible for anyone. Besides, if all the deactivated accounts would be deleted there would be more usernames to use. No one is for sure using the deactivated accounts. Is this impossible-to-delete-your-account-policy going to last forever?



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    Accounts cannot be deleted; however, they can be deactivated from this page. You will no longer be able to participate in the DeviantArt community.

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    How do I delete my DeviantArt account?

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    Forum: How do I permanently delete my damn Account?! | DeviantArt

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