How to draw a manga page

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how to draw a manga page

How To Draw Manga by Katy Coope

Edgy Janpanese manga style of art jumps off the pages of this dynamic step-by-step drawing book written and illustrated bu a manga super-fan, teenage Katy Coope.

Sixteen-year-old author and illustrator Katy Coope has turned her love of Japanese comic art into a super-cool, step-by-step process for kids. Easy-to-follow with its oversized format and accessible text and pictures, this how-to-draw book will find an audience with fans of anime, manga, and all building comic-book artists. Includes chapters on Getting Started, Faces, Expressions, Bodies, Finishing Touches, and Materials.
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Draw a MANGA PAGE in only 2 MINUTES?!

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Katy Coope

4 steps of my drawing manga-page process – how I draw manga.

Manga are comics from Japan with their own unique aesthetic, such as large and expressive character eyes. But don't be discouraged—with a bit of planning you can create your own unique storyline with all of your own cool characters! To make a manga, first write out profiles for each character, which should include a list of their personality traits and physical attributes. Then, draw your character, starting with the face shape, and adding in their features. Make sure to give your characters large, expressive eyes, which is typical of manga style.

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4 basic steps of creating manga-comic page, manga drawing process. speeddraw video.
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01. Pace yourself

If you want to know more about me, check my About page. In modern pop-culture we have the wrong feeling that manga is only something big-eyed and black-white, no, it actually can be colored, realistic and anything possible to imagine. Basically it is a story told in pictures text is optional here. I just want to share the way I do it. Hopefully it will be useful or at least entertaining. And one more tip — now I have learnt that it works for me better when I draw storyboards with pen — not graphic pencil for the same reason. I always use 3H hard pencil giving thin pale lines to easily remove them later works for sketches, but not for storyboards.


  1. Forrest D. says:

    15 tips to help you draw a manga comic story, the Japanese way. Every page works as a whole to control the reader's experience.

  2. Madelene B. says:

    Drawing Manga Pages - Tutorial . Hey good tutorial but I can't get manga paper so how much is the frames/border lines/templates away from.

  3. Gloriagloria says:

    How To Make A Manga Page Professionally. By WhytManga | Watch the page, like boxes and how to portray action and what to draw etc

  4. Congwingcenbe says:

    1) Draft (storyboard)

  5. Dumpbalengllev says:

    A volume of manga is about pages, which is around 5 chapters. Since there are If you prefer to draw more than create a story, start with an action manga.

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