How to sell everything and move abroad

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how to sell everything and move abroad

Sell All Your Stuff and Move Abroad: A guide to selling everything and moving abroad by Al McCullough

Are you moving, retiring abroad, or plan on living abroad?

Perhaps youre just relocating? Or are you downsizing? Maybe you want to sell everything so you can experience more and live a minimalist lifestyle - possibly while living abroad?

Whatever your reason, Sell All Your Stuff and Move Abroad can help you do more stuff with less stuff by helping you sell everything, and in this case, sell everything to become an expat while retiring and living abroad.

If youre not sure where to start when it comes to selling everything as you prepare for moving and/or retiring or just living abroad, this book will guide you through the process; from where and how to sell your stuff online, to organizing an Estate Sale, to what to do when you arrive in your new country.

There are many things to consider when living abroad and becoming an expat, and this book will help you avoid the many mistakes people make when relocating.

Sell All Your Stuff and Move Abroad is a comprehensive look into what it takes to sell everything you own and move to another country. Chock-full of yummy goodies like checklists, worksheets, firsthand experiences, this quick and easy-reading book will guide you along the way to both a minimalist lifestyle and prepare you for moving and retiring abroad.
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5 Things No One Tells You about Moving Abroad

For those moving overseas, there are those who are looking forward to staying there permanently and those who plan to return to their homeland. Either way, they will be faced with the dilemma of deciding what to bring and what to leave behind. When work required us to move overseas, we didn't know when or if we might return. We did know we wanted to sell our house and that we didn't want to pay for storage. This left two options: keep it or get rid of it. It's impractical to take everything along. Not only would it cost a fortune to ship, packing everything up is a lot of work.

I have made it my life mission to encourage and help as many people, especially young people and women, to travel the world and move abroad. Hence this massive, rather long-winded blog. Ok, have you met me? No one in their right mind would call me lucky and the day I have a successful international relationship is the day pigs fly. Hey, what about me?! All I want is to see the world, maybe make out with some cute boys, sleep under the stars, drink whiskey with cool people and have adventures and write about it later. Is that asking too much?

Fix your date of departure, then work back. Six months was just enough time to sell everything, give notice at work, and say goodbye to our friends and family. Because we needed to travel to see all our family, we vacated our apartment two weeks before departure and stayed with my parents. If you plan on keeping your apartment or home for when you come back you should look into a property protection company such as Global Guardians. I highly recommend you consider the following when choosing a destination:.

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In , my husband and I relocated to London from the US with little more than our clothes, some small electronics, and a few personal items. Before the move, we were living in a fully furnished, 1, square foot house. The world loves to throw us curve balls, both good and bad. A new job opportunity or devastating breakup can leave us wondering how to start over in life. Time was of the essence, but so was making money.


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