How to start a youth ministry

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how to start a youth ministry

Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry: A Personal and Practical Guide to Starting Right by Doug Fields

Since forever altering the course of the youth ministry world with his best-selling, groundbreaking book, Purpose-Driven® Youth Ministry, Doug Fields’ mind—but especially his heart—has been focused on the many unique needs of new youth workers. Doug translated his passion, insight, and vision for his beloved “rookies” into what you’re now reading, Your Fist Two Years in Youth Ministry—hands-down the most comprehensive companion to not only surviving, but also thriving, during the most crucial phase of youth ministry. Employing his renowned wisdom and humor—as if you and Doug were chatting over a long, relaxing meal—the author disarmingly relates stories and principles from his own successes and failures over 20-plus years in youth ministry. In the end, he offers treasure troves of practical advice, all in the hope that new youth workers can travel a smoother path and achieve real longevity in a church culture that all too often chews them and spits them out. Doug covers all-important issues such as: · Dealing with discouragement · Establishing a solid spiritual foundation · Building effective relationships with students · Resolving conflict · Ministering to parents and families · Trailblazing change · Working with volunteers · Defining a realistic job description · And many others! In addition, a chorus of insightful sidebar voices joins your conversation with Doug, among them ministry veterans Jim Burns, Steve Gerali, Mike Yaconelli, Helen Musick, Chap Clark, Marv Penner, Rick Warren, Jana L. Sundene, Bo Boshers, Duffy Robbins, Tony Campolo, and Richard Ross, all who’ve composed extensive, topical essays for each of the dozen chapters. Your First Two Years of Youth Ministry is a must-have tool for new youth workers, volunteers, seminary professors and students, senior pastors, elders, church boards—even veteran youth workers who’ve been ministering in unstructured environments and are now asking, “What did I miss? What can I still learn?” The first two years of youth ministry are never easy. But never fear. Doug fervently assures us: “Hang on. Hope’s coming!”
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Lesson 8 Developing A Discipleship Strategy For Your Youth Ministry

How to Start Your Youth Ministry

Many youth workers are veterans who have been in the same position for a number of years, but there are also many youth workers who are starting someplace new. You need to start with prayer. Before you do anything, before you call any meetings, plan any events or think of themes for youth services, you need to pray. Here are some things you could pray for:. Ask the senior pastor or elders if there are known issues. Have there been genuine complaints from parents? Set up a meeting with them and listen to their concerns.

Where do you start if you're new in your position in leading youth ministry? Here's some advice.
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10 Tips for Starting a Sticky Faith Youth Ministry from Scratch

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Our church had no youth ministry for one whole year before we started running it. There were also only 3 youth-aged kids at church. Then over the new year there was an influx of new families, many with kids at high school wanting to know what was available for them to attend.. Thus began our adventure in youth ministry! Starting a Youth Ministry from scratch can be slightly daunting or intimidating, like climbing a mountain.

Youth ministry start-up is such an exciting time—and totally overwhelming. Even seasoned youth workers may feel nervous about getting things organized in a cohesive manner. Not only should things need to be clear in your own mind but workers and attendees need to know which way your group is headed. You need step-by-step instructions to get your ministry started smoothly. Follow this handy checklist of 10 steps for starting a youth group in your church. Leave us a comment to add your own tips and check our listing of top youth ministry blogs.


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