How to add a cover to a book on goodreads

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how to add a cover to a book on goodreads

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Published 26.03.2019

How to become a Goodreads Author and Add A Book

Librarian Manual: How to edit book or author information

Replacing or removing the cover of an existing edition, including the covers of advance reader copies, is in violation of Goodreads policy. Please see information on how to add an alternate cover edition if the book has been released with a new cover. Acceptable sources for cover images include author and publisher websites, library sites, and various other public archives. We cannot legally use any cover images from booksellers, with the exception of Amazon. Since Amazon has purchased Goodreads, their covers may now be used on Goodreads as well.

As a Goodreads Author, you have the ability to manage much of your own book data. This guide will show you the right information to put in each field of your book's page. For more information about each field listed below, click on the links to be taken to the Librarian Manual. Please remember to be accurate in your edits. If you're concerned about particular edits made to your book, please contact the Goodreads' support staff here. To edit your book, navigate to the book's page and click on the edit details link.

Are you tired of trying to find a book that you've read or are in the process of currently-reading and that isn't listed in Goodreads?
socrates and the good life

Jul 13, PM. I just published another book and want to add it to my author page. I managed to add the book but I cannot recall how to add the cover. As it is currently only available on Kindle, and Amazon is no longer a data source, how do I add the cover image? Jul 14, AM. I'm having the same isssue and am unable to do it myself.


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    Have you ever done a search on Goodreads and found only results that didn't have a cover that matched your exact book?

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    Did the undertaker really die jason and the golden fleece author

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