How did rogue get her powers back

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how did rogue get her powers back

Rogue, Vol. 1: Going Rogue by Robert Rodi

Disclosure: Im old enough both to know better and not to care. Thats my motto. Im in my 50s and loving DC and Marvel at the moment. This is my 3rd review of collected editions, the first for Marvel (as I dip into the cardboard box at the back of my garage!). Im not a great fanboy of the MCU, DCU, DCEU, MCwhatever etc, but Im getting to appreciate them. This review, therefore, comes from the perspective an older reader, not well versed in canon, and potentially jaded by age and experience. (You have been warned!)

As is becoming usual, Ill review the book in the following areas: Cover (and variants, if any), Art, Story, Lettering (if appropriate) Each will get a score and then averaged for my overall review.

Cover(s) (Rudolpho Rigliari):
As usual, the cover artwork stands separate from that which lies within. Each of the collected editions is ended/prologued by a super piece of character artwork by M..... Rendered in a photoreal style (with one exception - by Carlo Pagulayan) the art is great. However, the actual piece that graces the front is not, in my opinion, the best. I would rather have had the one for issue 3 and also appears on the back cover.
Score: 4.5 / 5 (because it wasnt the one I liked most!)

Art (Cliff Richards - pencils, Transparency Digital - colours, Norm Rapmund - Inks):
Disclosure: I do not like elastic faces in graphic novels: they reduce the work to comic level for me. That having been said, there was a pleasant internal consistency to the artwork. Sometimes the panels were simple and effective, at other times they were full of little things that brought a (knowing) smile. Great. The drawing style was a little bit too simplistic for my tastes to warrant a rating of excellent. Colours were well chosen without the sometimes garishness that can occur in larger battle scenes. Due to the nature of the story, I was confused with some of the scenes and had to reread them as the artwork gave only subtle hints as to what was going on. (Sorry to be oblique, but I want to keep this relatively spoiler free!) That having been said this was a consistently well drawn and effective piece of work.
Score: 4.5 / 5 (I like more realism in art...)

Story (Robert Rodi):
This is basically an origins story, wrapped up in dream weirdness with the occasional subtext of romance. The main character is drawn to her home town and strange happenings there - phantoms, madness, violence, and so on. Theres a lot of introspection throughout the story as we get to know her inner feelings, fears, doubts, loneliness, etc. I find that this is a nice touch, as it gives a bit of depth to the story. Theres not a great deal of set action pieces or wide-screen battle scenes. Instead, there are simple scenes with simple ideas. At one point the pages bounce back and forth with simultaneous scenes. At first, it was a bit annoying, but it became very effective. The story ending was a bit weak for me, but fairly satisfactory all the same.
My main quibble with the story is the occasional info-dump. Here and there, background chatter details a load of information that needed to be presented. Its effectively done through news reports on TV, but at one point it was too funny - for example, the TV gave us the breaking news of soaring temperatures followed by the less headlining reports of mass hysteria! Maybe its a cultural thing (Im from the UK) but it took away from the gravity of the situation. Thats not to say it was a grim-dark story. Far from it. I thought the dialogue was quite snappy, even if the dialect was hard to swallow.
As you can see by my start and end dates I did not get gripped by the story.
Overall Id give the story a Score of: 3.5 / 5.

Lettering (Dave Sharp):
Unlike other collections Ive read recently, the emboldened emphasis seemed to make sense and didnt confuse me as to what the character felt was important or significant.
Score: 4 / 5

Average Score: total 16.5 / possible 20
Overall Score: 4 / 5
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Published 24.03.2019

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    The tragic history between Carol Danvers and Rogue

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    Rogue subsequently went back to her Aunt Carrie and During this ordeal, as the result of Golgotha influence, Rogue and Gambit got into a fight about the reality of their relationship with Rogue's uncontrollable powers. (who has lost his legs to Lady Deathstrike and did not want to live).

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    How did Rogue get her power-draining ability back for the Rogue cut of Days of cure and was no longer dangerous to touch, AKA, she had lost her powers.

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