How to pitch an animated show

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how to pitch an animated show

The Book of Woman by Osho

I was given this book through GoodReads First Reads.

Oh, where do I start with this book? Osho is mystic and guru, also known as Chandra Mohan Jain, Acharya Rajneesh, and Bhagwan Shree Ranjeesh.

I was there for this book at the beginning. I kept thinking, Hey! This guy is on to something here. Then the problems began:

1. He claims to be a supporter of women, but often times he sounds incredibly condescending about them. Then, he quickly switches his tone that women are the! best! thing! ever!

2. He claims that it is not natural for humans to be monogamous and supports cheating. Further, he thinks this should not be a problem for the other partner if they are cheated on. A few things on this:
a. Osho has disregarded Science in this argument. Humans have evolved to be monogamous just as finches have evolved to crack nuts so the dont starve; just as insects have grown resistant to insecticides; just as viruses have evolved to better kills us.
b. It is, in fact, natural for living organisms to be monogamous. Many species are monogamous - some are born monogamous and some evolve into monogamy. No one is refuting the idea that they are monogamous. Are humans not just another classification of Animal?
c. It seems to be that this statement is merely being used as an excuse for Osho (or whatever) to be non-monogamous and then use it against him or her (likely her, as I am about to explain in a moment) in an abusive method to do what he wants. This totally goes against everything he hates so much about men.

3. This is where I lost it: He claims that women are turned into lesbians because they are so angry at men. I dont even know where to start with this one. I will say this: If you are going to be there as a supporter of women, then you need to be a supporter of ALL women.

4. The contradictions are endless in this book. He hates marriage. No, I dont hate marriage. Where did you get that idea? Uh.. from you. You literally just said that two pages ago. He hates men. No, he doesnt hate men actually. I love homosexuals. Homosexuals should be isolated. Homosexuals are perverts. Dude, get it together.

5. He said Jews sought out the Holocaust because they felt guilty for killing Jesus. (Just accept the situation in which you are, Rajneesh has stated that living in poverty is far more dangerous, far more suffering than dying in a beautifully, scientifically managed gas chamber in Germany; Hitler killed people in the most up-to-date gas chambers, where you don’t take much time. Thousands of people can be put in a gas chamber, and just a switch is pressed ... Within a second, you evaporate. The chimneys of the factory start taking you, the smoke – you can call it holy smoke – and this seems to be a direct way towards God.) BUT by the way, he hates Christianity, AND there is no heaven, so I dont know how Jews have a direct way towards God if there is no God or Heaven to go to.

6. He believes children with birth defects (including deafness and blindness) should be euthanized.

7. For someone who preaches so much about love, he sure has an awful lot of hatred inside of him.

I honestly think he he is doing one of two things with his writing: He is going along with the popular opinion to gain popularity. He is also going against popular opinion in order to get people talking about his book.

I am left with two words to describe Osho: Whackjob and Phony.
Do not buy into this crap.
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How to pitch a TV Show - advice from the pros

You've spent months, possibly even years, developing your idea for a series, but now comes the big moment: you have to convince.

Bru & Boegie’s Guide to Pitching an Animated Show to a Network

What is known as an IP Intellectual property is a broad term related to all creations of the mind , when it comes to entertainment though, you can think of an IP as a story with characters, a video game, a comic book, a cartoon, etc.. Making your own IP is really very tempting, not only is the process extremely creative, fun and rewarding, but if by a stroke of luck you managed to create something popular; the financial incentive will be well worth it. Now just for the record, I haven't yet actually created any IP or sold any animated series, but I worked for places like Lucasfilm where I was dumbfounded about the profit figures for licensing in an annual meeting, I also worked with smaller cartoon producers, have read a few books on the subject, done some research and asked around. This is something I am curious about and would like to share my findings and resources. Just to make it very clear as I have received many E-mails so far: I do not buy IPs and I do not sponsor or animations. Please do not send me E-mails asking me to fund your project. Thank you.

In the first part of our multi-part series about tips for pitching and selling an animated series, we explored some of the fundamentals of setting up.
how to think on your feet under pressure

Present your ideas in style

So you want to be a Hollywood hotshot with your own awesome animated TV show do you? Well, you're going to need a pitch bible to get it off the ground! But what is a pitch bible? A pitch bible is a document put together to show the look and feel of your show, as well as to get the producers familiar with the characters and story arcs when they are deciding whether or not to green light your show. Since animated shows vary widely in style a pitch bible is a tool to get everyone on the same ground when you're presenting your idea.


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