How to look like a pokemon trainer

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how to look like a pokemon trainer

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Published 20.03.2019

If Pokemon Trainers Were ACTUALLY Smart

You admire Pokemon masters, and want to be a real trainer, eventually A potential idea for a group costume is to dress up as Pokemon and trainers for a.

9 Easy Pokemon Trainers You Can Cosplay

Well if you are, I can help. So, here's an idea for a great costume, generic Pokemon Trainer. If you want to do this, I will give you some of the best ways to do this for each gender. For this we want to look like a protagonist as much as possible. When I mean that I mean the right clothing.

Considering that most Pokemon Trainers are essentially travelling around their region near-constantly while their on their journeys and such, I'm trying to figure out what kinds of clothes would be the most realistic for someone to actually wear. In this case, the trainer wearing them is a girl, albiet a pretty Tomboyish one. What might an 11 year-old carry, for example: Pokeballs, a spare change of clothes or two , some kind of small camp stove or something that they could prepare food with , a sleeping bag, Pokedex, items for their Pokemon; what else could a kid reasonably be expected to cart around with them? If there are any analogous real-world items that you think would work, a picture would be really helpful. Very durable clothing?

If Pokemon was real, how good of a trainer would you be? What would be your What does the stress of being a Pokemon trainer look like? Views.
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  1. Brian F. says:

    r/pokemongo: Pokemon GO The subreddit for Niantic's Pokemon-based I've noticed that most trainers seem to have some kind of headcovering, and some of .

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    How to think on your feet under pressure how to draw robot easy

  3. Fleur M. says:

    Wanting to get a costume in time for the next event, or just thinking about dressing up last-minute for Halloween?

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    Fortnite has dropped yet another new skin in the item shop, and you know what, for the life of me, I can't not see some sort of newfangled Pokemon trainer.

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