How old is greg paul

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how old is greg paul

God in the Alley: Being and Seeing Jesus in a Broken World by Greg Paul

“Greg Paul tells of whores and crazies, misfits and rejects that sound as if they stepped out from the pages of the Bible.” –Eugene Peterson

Sam has survived physical, sexual, and substance abuse, terrible violence, and life on the streets. Wendy lives for the next high on crack, oblivious to her boyfriend’s love. Neil is dying of AIDS.

These are the people of inner-city Toronto. Look into their distorted, obscure faces, their fractured lives, and catch a glimpse of the sublime. Greg Paul calls them tragic heroes–individuals who can offer a testament to God’s love and mercy.

With emotional depth and spiritual intensity, Greg’s compelling stories reveal that people with desperate lives have precious lessons to teach us about the character of God. God in the Alley offers a profound message of grace and calling that each one of us needs to hear.

“The experience of reading this book haunts, convicts, delights. But one thing is for sure: you don’t want to miss it.”
–Mark Buchanan, author of The Holy Wild: Trusting God in Everything

“Greg Paul writes beautifully and welcomes us into the life he lives.… I am grateful to have read this book.”
–David Wilcox, musician, songwriter, and storyteller

“I dare you to read this book at more than one sitting. Each page is a seat belt that straps you in and the turning of the page pulls the straps tighter. When the ride is over, you’ll want to start again.”
–Leonard Sweet, author of numerous books including Soul Tsunami
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Greg Paul: A Family Affair - The Truth Behind Logan And Jake’s Vlogdad - TRO (ft. WoollyOne, Benji)

Alissa Violet reveals Jake Paul's dad slut-shamed her after their break up

He is from Ohio. Father of social media phenomenons Logan and Jake Paul, who became best known on the six-second video app Vine. Greg Paul was born in Ohio on October 28, He is best known for being a instagram star. He also created his own Vine account. According to Celebrity Couples , Greg has not been previously engaged. He and his family are from Westlake, Ohio.

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Jake Joseph Paul born January 17, [1] is an American YouTuber , Internet personality and actor who rose to fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. He has since become the subject of controversies due to his unruly and inappropriate behavior. Paul was born on January 17, in Cleveland , [1] [2] and grew up in Westlake, Ohio. Paul began his career in September posting videos on Vine. By the time Vine shut down, Jake Paul had 5.

Greg Paul is best recognized as the father of YouTubers Logan and Jake Paul. Check out this biography to Age: 55 Years, 55 Year Old Males.
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Jake and Logan Paul, and now their father, Greg Paul, have been caught up in a scandal in recent days, after a group of hackers claimed to have photo and video evidence of 54 year old Greg engaged in inappropriate activity with underage girls. KEEM explained that despite Greg's face not being visible, the headboard of the bed matches the Paul's as seen in other videos. The evidence initially posted online were grainy images, with no real identifiable features, neither of Greg Paul or of the girls - it was impossible to determine who was in the images or their age. However again, no faces are shown, only voices can be heard. Greg Paul was previously called out for kissing a young girl during one of the Paul brothers' vlogs, as part of a trick where the girl was blindfolded and believed she was kissing one of the brothers - not their father.

Greg Paul was born in England. By the age of 24, he was the youngest senior quantity surveyor in the country at a well-respected leading national house builder. He ran his own house building company for several years before permanently exiting the world of commerce altogether following significant research into the fundamental tenets of the existing financial and political paradigm, which he could no longer in good conscience continue to be a part of. He is the author of several anonymously published motivational books on exercising sovereignty and teaches sovereignty through the effective application of the art of self-inquiry. Having long since ceased to empower the totems and icons of the old world, Greg has been living the New Earth metric for many years.

He is the father of internet royalties Logan and Jake Paul and also works as a realtor and commercial roofer. However, when his sons ventured into social media where they succeeded in building a solid career and celebrity status, Paul decided to give that line of career a try. Subsequently, he joined YouTube and other platforms where he has accumulated an admirable fanbase. No account has been shared by Greg concerning his early life and the schools he attended. Greg Paul is a professional roofer and licensed realtor.


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    Greg Paul is a well-known social media personality who is best recognized as the father of social media stars Logan and Jake Paul.

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    Father of social media phenomenons Logan and Jake Paul, who became best known on the six-second video app Vine. He had Logan and Paul with Pam Stepnick, but the two would later split up. His son Logan has regularly collaborated with social media stars such as Matthew Espinosa and.

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    Greg Paul – New Earth Nation

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    Last night's episode focused on internet superstar Jake Paul' s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet.

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