How long to spend at mona

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how long to spend at mona

The making of Mona by Adrian Franklin

In January 2011, MONA was officially opened to the public. It was lauded as the most extraordinary cultural event for Australia since the opening of the Sydney Opera House. David Walsh was a largely mysterious art collector who had made a fortune gambling. He had collected ancient coins and antiquities and established a small museum of antiquities on his Moorilla estate but subsequently he became interested in art of all periods. In 2006, Walsh was the anonymous winning bidder of John Bracks The Bar, which the NGV had so publicly declared it was going to purchase. It was a move that kept the media and art circles guessing for some time and was, in its way, classic Walsh behaviour.

Over several years he bought a huge number of works and he started thinking about a gallery space in which to house them. But a conventional museum wasnt what Walsh was after. He wanted to transform the viewers experience of art. There began the earliest ideas for MONA, a museum of old and new art.

Adrian Franklin, professor of sociology at the University of Tasmania, has pieced together the story of the creation of MONA, from how it came to be on the banks of the Derwent River, to the design and building process, the collection and branding and, crucially, designing the experience and effect that MONA has on its many millions of visitors.
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Mona Art Gallery Tasmania

Things to do in Hobart Tasmania: MONA Museum

We had an amazing visit to MONA. Reviews seem to be firmly in the Loved it or Hated It camps, there is no in between. We loved it. Amazing art, the O made it easy to find out as much as we liked about pieces This is the type of museum people will love or hate.

Planning to visit the Mona art gallery in Hobart, Tasmania? Our post gives you all the info you need to know about getting there, opening hours and entry fees. Hobart is well known for being home to one of the very best and most controversial museums in the world, Mona. Mona, or the Museum of Old and New Art, sits on a private island owned by David Walsh, an ex professional gambler and art collector who made a name for himself by working out how to make millions beating casinos with unique gambling algorithms. In many ways, he has touched the sky perhaps accidentally and so he has made it his thing to ground himself by building a museum into the earth and under the ocean. Summer opening hours are 10am—6pm from Friday 1 December —Monday 2 April

Museum of Old and New Art, Berriedale: "How much time would you allot for touring If you come in with an open ended agenda, you might spend the day there: Go MONA is not only a big white rooms with paintings on the walls, where you.
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Opening hours

How much time would you allot for touring the MONA itself? I'm not a huge art fan, more of a curious observer. I see it's a 25 minute one-way ferry ride from Hobart. Thank you. You would be able to walk through the whole gallery, while stopping around a few things of interest in 90 minutes. It depends on a few things such as attendance.

Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. Hi Guys Got 3 days in Hobart with no car - any suggestions? Will definitely do MONA - how long will that take? It will be a weekend so i think there is a market in salamanca place too.

This site uses a bunch of Javascript, so for full fancy functionality please turn it on. The Source Restaurant is open Wednesday—Monday for breakfast and lunch. Faro , located in Pharos, is open for dinner Wednesday—Monday. Museum visitors can eat and drink at Faro throughout the day. The Wine Bar is open from 10am. The Cellar Door is open from 9.


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