Edward de vere is shakespeare

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edward de vere is shakespeare

Shakespeare by Another Name: The Life of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, the Man Who Was Shakespeare by Mark Anderson

The debate over the true author of Shakespeare’s body of work (some of which was published under the name “Shake-speare”) began not long after the death of William Shakespeare, the obscure actor and entrepreneur from Stratford-upon-Avon who was conventionally assumed to be the author. There were natural doubts that an uneducated son of a glover who never left England and apparently owned no books could have produced some of the greatest works of Western literature. Early investigators into the mystery argued for such eminent figures as Christopher Marlowe or Francis Bacon as possible authors, but recent scholarship has turned to Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, as the true Shakespeare.

“Shakespeare” by Another Name is the first complete literary biography of Edward de Vere that tells the story of his action-packed life—as student, soldier, courtier, lawyer, political intriguer, sophisticate, traveler, and, above all, writer—finding in it the background material for all of Shakespeare’s plays. Anderson brings to bear a wealth of new evidence, most notably de Vere’s personal copy of the Bible (recently analyzed to show the correlation between his underlinings and the biblical allusions in Shakespeare’s work) and has employed it all to at last give a complete portrait and background to the man who was “Shakespeare.” BACKCOVER: “Makes a compelling case. . . . Anderson’s demonstration of how de Vere’s real life matches the characters and circumstances found in the plays attributed to Shakespeare is especially impressive.”

“Deserves serious attention. . . . Mr. Anderson shows there are myriad Shakespeare authorship connections for de Vere.”

“Tantalizing parallels between the plays and Oxford’s life certainly exist. . . . Anderson has a knack for finding fishy aspects of the traditional view that Shakespeare was Shakespeare.”

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Andrew Crider – Edward de Vere and the Psychology of Creativity

I can prove that 'William Shakespeare' is buried in Westminster Abbey – scholar

Each of their three daughters in turn married into the peerage; one daughter married the Earl of Derby also a candidate , and another married Philip Herbert, the Earl of Montgomery, one of the brothers to whom the First Folio is dedicated. Edward de Vere was trained as a lawyer. He was a leading patron of the theater. With his finances reduced to penury by , Queen Elizabeth granted de Vere an annual pension of pounds, an enormous sum for the times, especially considering how. This pension was continued by her successor, King James, until de Vere died in Many have wondered if those funds were spent for theatrical productions on behalf of the state.

Shakespeare and Finish Line Shoes

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, was one of the leading patrons of the Elizabethan age, but was he also William Shakespeare? The Earl gave himself the penname 'Spear-shaker' due to his ability at tournaments, the author points out. It is said that he had a prominent political career in court and was a well-regarded poet and sportsman. Mr Kreiler argues that it is Oxford's upper class upbringing, status and education as well as his reputation as a well-travelled man that makes him a more likely candidate as the author of Shakespeare's plays, which he composed under a pseudonym.


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    Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable - Edward deVere

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    He will present his evidence at a conference at the Globe theatre in London on Sunday, where the audience will include the actors Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Mark Rylance , who are fellow anti-Stratfordians - long-standing doubters that Shakespeare wrote the plays and poetry that bear his name, and whose preferred authorship candidates include De Vere.

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    Digital media usage across the life course subconscious mind programming in hindi

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    Why Edward de Vere Was Not Shakespeare

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    Edward de Vere has become the strongest candidate in the Shakespeare authorship debate. Discover the case in support of him and decide.

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