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nyu tisch center for womens health

Dr. Nieca Goldbergs Complete Guide to Womens Health by Nieca Goldberg

If you’re a woman over thirty-five you probably have a lot of stress in your life–maybe even more than you realize. You may have a demanding job, family obligations, financial pressures, or a combination of all three. You’re most likely low on energy, gaining weight, and not sleeping as well as you once did. The fact is: your body is changing. You see and feel it happening, but you don’t know anymore what is normal and what is not. Your concern over your health is creating stress all by itself. And if you’re like most women, you don’t think your health care providers are giving you the help you need. In fact, traditional doctors may not even be aware of many diseases that present special problems in women.

Dr. Nieca Goldberg knows what you’re going through, because she has seen women dealing with these stressful bodily changes in her practice every day–and has experienced them firsthand. A renowned physician and pioneer in women’s heart health, Dr. Goldberg is also a passionate advocate for doctor-patient communication. In this welcome book she’ll give you a personal consultation so that you can understand the changes in your body, solve problems that plague women starting in their mid-thirties, and find the right doctor for optimal health care. Inside you’ll find

• the normal physical changes you can expect to experience at age thirty-five and after
• treatments for over- and underactive thyroids and other hormone issues
• the signs, symptoms, and management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes
• facts on fertility, contraceptives, pregnancy, and menopause
• information on good breast health, including preventive breast-cancer measures
• a comprehensive heart-to-heart about your cardiovascular system
• dealing with GERD, stomach ulcers, gallstones, IBS, IBD, and colon cancer
• strategies for keeping bones strong, fending off arthritis, and coping with foot and back pain
• the importance of diagnosing sleep apnea and saying good night to insomnia
• revelations about the mind-body connection–countering stress and relieving depression
• the ins and outs of medical exams–what to ask, and when to change doctors
• an eating program that will help you achieve a healthy weight
• an exercise program to strengthen bones, build muscle, and provide energy

There is so much unreliable health care advice on the Internet and so many fad “cures” that it can be hard to know what matters and what doesn’t. With warmth and encouragement, Dr. Nicea Goldberg gives you the solid information you need on the path to great health.

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Being the First: Nieca Goldberg '79 - Life Lessons

The Power of Place: Women’s Health Rehabilitation Comes to the Joan H. Tisch Center

This information helps your doctor to understand your medical history, make a diagnosis, and suggest treatment options. You should also bring your insurance card, as well as a referral and precertification information, if applicable. When you schedule your visit, our appointment coordinators will tell you when you should arrive and how you can prepare. In general, please plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Many of our practices use TeleVox, an electronic appointment reminder system.

Call business This isyour go-to resource and solution's center for women's health issues. The team of educated and knowledgeable doctors and staff at Women's Wellness Center believe in educating and empowering every woman about her body and health. Online and off, Women's Wellness Center of New York is there to help with every patient's problem and find a solution. With a team of expert diagnosticians, the team works quickly to determine whether you have uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts or another issue that is causing a health problem. Whether you're experiencing abnormal uterine bleeding, pelvic pain, uterine.

After all, we know that you are more than your health concerns. We also know that your time is valuable.
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Our Team of Doctors

NYU Tisch Q&A!

Tisch Center three days a week. Like ACC, the center was custom-created, and features a newly constructed physical therapy clinic and two full-time Rusk physical therapists. The program treats a range of gender-specific conditions, from general musculoskeletal disorders in women such as back, knee and hip pain, to chronic pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and sexual discomfort, to urinary or bowel incontinence and pain or weakness related to pregnancy. Treatment typically involves a mix of therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and modalities such as biofeedback and electrical stimulation. These doctors, most of them women, offer comprehensive, gender-sensitive care, including gynecology, gastroenterology, cardiology, endocrinology, internal medicine, dermatology, psychology, neurology, otolaryngology and pulmonology. The center also offers X-rays, mammographies and colonoscopies, as well as bone density, pulmonary and vascular testing.


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