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romulan ale beer for sale

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Published 12.02.2019


Romulan ale? Halifax brewery creates Star Trek 50th anniversary beer

August 3, By: TrekMovie. Following the con, it will be launched nationwide. Quark, like all Ferengi, is motivated by profit and piling up strips, bars and bricks of latinum. Shmaltz Brewing Company is hyper motivated to brew high quality award-winning beer, and the hopped up golden ale Star Trek Profit Motive is no exception. Feesha vou dole!

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It seems like I get a request for this drink every 6 months or so. Might be how such cycles run, or how long it takes for the human body to purge the alcohol from the body., Star Trek's warrior race the Klingons may be more famed for drinking the alarmingly red bloodwine in outer space, but on Earth at least, they have a new official booze of choice: Warnog, a beer with notes of clove, banana and caramel. It's their second themed beer, following their Vulcan Ale last year, an Irish Red chosen to match the red planet of Vulcan where Spock hails from.

March 25, By: Brian Drew 35 comments so far. The ale is currently only available in Canada but there are plans to have it available in the states soon. The company also has plans to brew a Romulan Ale next year. After all, there is only one drink that truly reaches the heart of all true warriors…. Abrams filming location. Vulcan Ale sounds illogical. There should be blue Romulan Ale.

By continuing to browse our site you agree to these updates. For additonal information or feedback, visit help. You 0. See All. The mug of glass cleaner at the bar invoked memories of when I bought this years ago from a pallet clearance sale at Horrocks.

The golden ale is 5. Everything in relation to the brew had to be approved by the network, including beer samples that were shipped to the United States. The new brew will also be available just in time for a science fiction convention taking place this weekend in Halifax. Its Vulcan Ale is also making a comeback for the upcoming sci-fi convention. Romulan ale?


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