Music for cats and friends

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music for cats and friends

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Over 8 Hours of Relaxing Music For Cats! Long Playlist For Cats. Natural Anxiety and Stress Relief

Sleep Music for Cats: Four Purr-fect Playlists

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If you already thought your cat had a holier-than-thou attitude, this new report definitely won't change that. A study published in the journal Applied Animal Behavioral Science found two very interesting things: A Our feline friends are secret music fans. But B they're very particular about what the tunes they like. Yes, two psychologists and a composer teamed up to investigate music's effects on cats. For their experiments, they composed "species-specific" songs , which included cat-friendly sounds you might recognize a few bird chirps in there and were in their hearing range. The researchers also matched the tempo of the songs with the same tempo of a cat's purring or suckling.

We know that animals are sensitive to their sound environment. Recent research specifically targeting music for cats have shown that they respond more positively and more often to creations dedicated to their ears and tastes. We detail in the following paragraphs our working method to achieve a satisfactory result: improving the well-being of our furry friends. Scientific research led by Charles T. Snowdon Catsonics constitute the premise of our musical creations. In this study, it is particular that cats are particularly sensitive to certain frequencies, with long and slippery notes that can remind their caterwauling and specific rhythms.

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When leaving the house for the day, many people flick on their stereo in hopes that the noise might help keep their cat company. Just like your college roommate, cats appear to have very specific preferences when it comes to music—and their tastes have little to do with what you might like. And that might not be too far off from what was intended. In the study, most of the 47 cats tested appeared to prefer these sounds to classical human masterworks. How do you tell if a cat actually likes a noise? Continue or Give a Gift.

Many cats suffer from separation anxiety when their owner is away at work or on short trips. If your cat is over grooming or showing signs of stress, they might be showing symptoms of separation anxiety. Relaxing Music for cats is a natural way to reduce the anxiety of your cat. The music that we enjoy reflects how we communicate, the same goes for felines. The music they prefer might do nothing for us, but the same can be said about their thoughts on our music selections!


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