Who will speak for england

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who will speak for england

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Published 06.02.2019

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The Daily Mail asked 'Who will speak for England?' and probably didn't get the answers it expected

By Daily Mail Comment. Today the Mail asks a question of profound significance to our destiny as a sovereign nation and the fate of our children and grandchildren. It's a question inspired by one of the most dramatic moments in the history of Parliamentary democracy. The date was September 2, , the day after Hitler invaded Poland. Tory PM Neville Chamberlain had just made an ambivalent statement to the House, proposing no immediate action.

The front page of Thursday's Daily Mail asked a pretty lofty question regarding the forthcoming referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union:. A few things rankled about the front page editorial which attacked what it sees as David Cameron's lacklustre compromises on staying in the EU. Secondly, that a lot of people are speaking for England what with months of debates in London and Brussels, the prime minister's negotiations with EU leaders to produce the current deal on offer, and the forthcoming referendum in which every citizen of the United Kingdom eligible to vote will have the opportunity to do so. Probably foremost, though, is the Mail's invocation of Godwin's Law , or that Hitler inevitably gets mentioned if arguments go on long enough, even though we're still months away from a vote. The editorial, after drawing parallels between parliamentary statements about the Nazis in and the EU in the present day, reads:. More: The Daily Mail may have just reached peak everyday sexism.

EU immemorial

As ever, the true quotation is a little less catchy and comes from someone else entirely: Victor Hugo, to be precise:. - A prominent member of the Labour Party from the s until the late s, Greenwood rose to prominence within the party as secretary of its research department from and served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Health in the short-lived Labour government of

When acting Labour leader Arthur Greenwood stepped up to the despatch box he was met with calls from across the Chamber, "Arthur, speak for England! The nation was heavily divided. The Government faced the insurmountable task of preparing and readying the country for another world conflict. That night in the House of Commons the country desperately needed a unifying call. Instead Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of the day, delivered a speech which had badly misjudged the public mood. Fast forward to June and Britain is now on the eve of the most complicated negotiations in modern history, negotiations which will have huge ramifications for the UK and Europe once more.

Amery , was a British Conservative Party politician and journalist, noted for his interest in military preparedness, British India and the British Empire and for his opposition to appeasement. In , his mother moved back to England from India, and in , she divorced Charles. Amery represented Harrow at gymnastics and held the top position in examinations for a number of years; he also won prizes and scholarships. After Harrow, he went to Balliol College , Oxford , where he performed well. He gained a First in Classical Moderations in ; in literae humaniores in and was proxime accessit runner-up to the Craven scholar in and Ouseley scholar in Turkish in He also won a half-blue in cross-country running. He was elected a fellow of All Souls College.


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    Who "speaks for England" - and for that matter, what is "England"?

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    So we ask again: who will speak for England (and, of course, by 'England', like Amery in , we mean the whole of the United Kingdom)?.

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    Judging by the election result, one would say not.

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