Abraham lincoln crafts for kids

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abraham lincoln crafts for kids

Abraham Lincoln for Kids: His Life and Times with 21 Activities by Janis Herbert

2008 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors Award winner.

Providing a fresh perspective on one of the most beloved presidents of all time, this illuminating activity book tells the rich story of Abraham Lincoln’s life and details the events of his era. Highlighting Lincoln’s warm, generous spirit and impressive intellect, the guide teaches children about his fascinating life story, his struggles at the onset of the Civil War, and his relevance in today’s world. Activities include delivering a speech, holding a debate, drawing political cartoons, and making a stovepipe hat or miniature Mississippi River flatboat. Lively sidebars, abundant photographs and illustrations, and fun projects help to kick the dust off old Honest Abe. Selections from some of Lincoln’s most famous speeches and documents, as well as a resource section of websites to explore and sites to visit, are also included, making this a comprehensive Lincoln biography for young readers.
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President Lincoln Top Hat Booklet Journal for Kids - President's Day Craft & Writing Activity

Abraham Lincoln Craft for Kids

Abe's head is made from a paper plate and his stovepipe hat from a rolled up paper lunch bag. Black construction paper is used to make the suit. Abe's shirt is a writing sheet on which children can write facts about Abraham Lincoln. The stovepipe hat can be made out of a paper lunch bag as shown. To make the craft even easier you can use the pattern for a construction paper hat.

Children celebrate President's Day by learning about the lives of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington through felt stories, rhymes, literacy activities, money concepts, games, and more. Children will learn why President Lincoln is called "Honest Abe," hear the legend of George Washington and the Cherry Tree, count the number of pennies in a dollar, sing songs, make patterns from top hats and powdered wigs, and imagine what they would do if they had the chance to be president someday. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington names are irrevocabley linked in the minds of most children. Learn about the lives of these two patriotic figures. George Washington: American Hero. Learn about the Life of Abraham Lincoln Video.

President's day is the nuttiest holiday. You have two great Presidents, Washington and Lincoln, but instead of giving them their own special days we lump them together just because their birthdays are so close. President's day wasn't even supposed to be about their birthdays in the first place. It was supposed to celebrate the office of the President. Since they were all lumped so close together efficiency prevailed and we are stuck with just one day.

This Abraham Lincoln paper plate craft is super fun to make and a great craft project for kids to practice following directions! Below is a step by step tutorial that you can follow closely and create your own Abraham Lincoln paper plate! You can even have the kids write a small biography about Lincoln or use a writing prompt and glue it onto his hat!
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Abraham Lincoln Paper Plate Materials:

Since February was such a good month for important American president's birthdays the American government decided it would be a great idea to celebrate each year with a National Holiday.,






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