Amy bingo bingaman mental illness

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amy bingo bingaman mental illness

Let Me Out: A Madhouse Diary by Amy Bingaman

“In April of 2004, the long downward spiraling of Amy Bingamans mental illness could no longer be hidden or ignored much less written off as a side-product of a colorful and quirky character.
With no family able to help and no resources, she was involuntarily locked up in the draconian, archaic labyrinth that is the Wyoming Mental Health System.

Armed with only a pocket dictionary and any paper she could find to write on, Amy wrote not only as a journal but at times as her only coping mechanism to salvage what was left of a breaking mind in a love/hate relationship with her alter-ego who shed come to call lucille.

Over the course of her first 33 days she kept copious notes of her time there, detailing treatment (or mistreatment) befitting a prisoner rather than the sufferer of a psychological disorder. These diaries roller-coaster between terrifying and hilarious, chronicling from her first morning waking up confused in a disheveled ball gown, living at the mercy of staff who range from inept to cruel and with fellow patients whos light, hope and brilliance are twisted with the daily wrestling of their own debilitating psychotic breaks from reality.

What results is an unedited, in-the-moment take-down of what consists of mental health care in this country, as lived from the inside by its weakest links, those it is intended to protect. And for all the dark humor and vivid humanity, she hopes you will be left with the knowledge that since that time, little or nothing in the system has changed.”
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Amy Bingo Bingaman – Let Me Out!

Doug Stanhope, Bingo and Shades of Madness

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Cancel anytime. Doug Stanhope has been drunkenly stumbling down the back roads and dark alleys of stand-up comedy for over a quarter of a century, roads laden with dank bars, prostitutes, cheap drugs, farm animals, evil dwarfs, public nudity, menacing third-world police, psychotic breaks, sex offenders, and some understandable suicides. You know, just for levity. While other comedians were seeking fame, Stanhope was seeking immediate gratification, dark spectacle, or sometimes just his pants. Doug Stanhope is one of the most critically acclaimed and stridently unrepentant comedians of his generation. What will surprise some is that he owes so much of his dark and sometimes uncomfortably honest sense of humor to his mother, Bonnie. When this best-selling autobiography was originally released, everyone was shocked: The Long Hard Road Out of Hell was the darkest, funniest, most controversial and best-selling rock book of its time - and it became the template, both visually and narratively, for almost every rock book since.

Just seen the title of the latest podcast, will listen to it as soon as I'm able later today Did anyone else hear her explaining why she wants to end it? I posted this somewhere else too, but she doesn't think her life is real because of crazy stuff like partying with celebs--she's gonna be the first schizophrenic in history whose doctors will have to assure her, "no, don't worry Bingo, it's just your mental illness, you ARE friends with Johnny Depp. I sort of think Bingo should be in treatment right now. It's obvious she's not well but fuck, what can you do? Mental illness is a bitch. In California, the crew could get Bingo ed.

The couple had a candid conversation with Howard regarding just how close Bingo came to dying at the end of
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