Where do muslims live in paris

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where do muslims live in paris

The Grand Mosque of Paris: A Story of How Muslims Rescued Jews During the Holocaust by Karen Gray Ruelle

When the Nazis occupied Paris, no Jew was safe from arrest and deportation.

Few Parisians were willing to risk their own lives to help. Yet during that perilous time, many Jews found refuge in an unlikely place--the sprawling complex of the Grand Mosque of Paris. Not just a place of worship but a community center, this hive of activity was an ideal temporary hiding place for escaped prisoners of war and Jews of all ages, especially children.

Beautifully illustrated and thoroughly researched (both authors speak French and conducted first-person interviews and research at archives and libraries), this hopeful, non-fiction book introduces children to a little-known part of history. Perfect for children studying World War II or those seeking a heart-warming, inspiring read that highlights extraordinary heroism across faiths.

Includes a bibliography, a recommended list of books and films, and afterword from the authors that gives more details behind the story.
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France: Blindfolded Muslim man hugs mourners in Paris

Is Paris friendly to Muslims? - Paris Forum

Tensions erupted Friday as French officials and residents of a Paris suburb tried to block Muslims from praying in the street — a dispute that reflects nationwide problems with mosque shortages. No one was hurt in the skirmishes in Clichy-la-Garenne, but both sides appeared to be digging in their heels in the dispute over prayer space in the town. Worshippers have been praying there every Friday for months to protest the closure of a prayer room. A few dozen worshippers tried to pray anyway but retreated to a less visible spot, seeking to avoid confrontation with the protesters. But the demonstrators squeezed them toward a wooden wall.

Islam is the fastest-growing major religion in Europe , primarily due to immigration.
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I am an Australian Muslim woman who is a hijabi hipster. My husband and I got married a year ago and are finally planning our getaway which got delayed due to many reasons. I have heard that locals are standoffish and will even make rude remarks. I just wanted to ask, if I were to go to Paris with my husband, what should I expect? Can anyone shed any light on this? There are many Muslims in Paris. You will attract no more attention than you would in central Sydney.

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