I am tired of chasing him

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i am tired of chasing him

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Published 23.02.2019

When a Man Stops Chasing You, Here's What to Do (and how to prevent it!)

Stop Chasing Him: Expert Secrets To Attract A Guy!

Okay, so I had this horrible boyfriend in high school. We all know the type. My mother hated him, my friends hated him, and secretly somewhere deep down all along I hated him too. What did we all hate about him? But, there are individuals of the opposite sex who are expert at pushing all the right buttons to turn the crazy on. Why do guys do that?

Stop Chasing Him: Dating Advice That Works

One lucky guy has captured your attention. So you want to get closer to him. You feel like there is some serious potential between you.

Stop chasing him and giving him power. If you are not happy and satisfied with the minimal amount of affection he is giving you, then walk away from him. Because, if you are sticking with him you are telling him that it is okay to mistreat you. Stop chasing him because that makes him lazy. Stop doing it. Stop making it so easy for him. One day you will get tired of everything.


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