96 rock tag upside down

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96 rock tag upside down

In Silent Graves (Cedar Hill #1) by Gary A. Braunbeck

Robert Londrigan seems to have it all. He is a newscaster with a rising career. He has a beautiful wife, Denise, and a new baby on the way. But in just a few short hours Roberts world is turned upside down. And the torment only gets worse when his daughters body is stolen from the morgue by a strange, disfigured man....

Robert is about to begin a journey into a world of nightmare, an unimaginable world of mystery, horror and revelation. He will learn, from both the living and the dead, secrets about this world and things beyond this world. Though his journey will be grotesque, terrifying and heartbreaking, he will not be allowed to stop. But can he survive with his mind intact? Can he survive at all?
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WKLS FM/AM - 96 Rock - 7/4/1987 Commercial Spots - Revenge of the Nerds 2 / New Coke - Max Headroom

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Gary A. Braunbeck

96 ROCK car tags

Kiely is now on afternoons on Willard is long retired. In , it became top 40 and is now Power Steve Mitchell , who worked at 96rock as a jock in the early years and the heyday of the s, said radio was far more important back in the day. We had concerts.

The new order of 96rock tags should be here in about two weeks. Look for them on the "Shop" button starting about August 19th. Turn 'em up! Children, 96 rock would play an entire lp at midnight every night I vividly remember hearing Zeppelin's "In through the out door" on a Monday night, prior to its Thursday release. I remember the DJ would introduce the lp, maybe give a little backdrop or history to the lp, and then say, "if you are taping this album, begin your recording Life was so much better then.

Hard to believe that a happening year old dude rolls around the city on the same tech-wave as your grandparents. Hip to be square. They left the shitty records, though. Tape decks were supposed to kill radio. Satellite radio, the future, right? Right, I think I knew a guy once who had XM.

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