Not drinking for 30 days

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not drinking for 30 days

The 30-Day Sobriety Solution: How to Cut Back or Quit Drinking in the Privacy of Your Own Home by Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise and coauthor of The Success Principles, and Dave Andrews, a recovery expert, join forces to present a revolutionary program to help you cut back or quit drinking entirely—in the privacy of your own home.

Alcohol kills one person every ten seconds worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Thankfully, now, for anyone who feels that alcohol has become a problem—and for the 23.5 million Americans living in recovery and looking to be reinspired—this new program introduces a groundbreaking model for sobriety that you can achieve in your own home.

The 30-Day Sobriety Solution grew out of Jack Canfield’s decades-long work in self-esteem and success training. Its principles were carefully developed into a program by Dave Andrews and tested by thousands whose amazing stories of recovery are shared throughout the book. Organized into five phases that span 30-day periods, this book guides you through each day with practical exercises that, over time, allow you to more easily make positive choices again and again. “The Sobriety System” is an empowerment program that moves systematically from beliefs (including limiting ones) to feelings and emotions to concrete actions and behaviors that promote better outcomes.

Integrating neuroscience, cognitive therapy, proven tools, and teachings, The 30-Day Sobriety Solution is a clear, practical daily program that will help you achieve your goals—whether that’s getting sober or just cutting back—and create positive, permanent change in your life.
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Published 19.02.2019

I quit caffeine for 30 days

From April 10th to May 10th I stopped drinking entirely. I wrote the bulk of this article the day I could start drinking, but in the interest of experimentation I decided to wait to publish it.
Jack Canfield

I Stopped Drinking for 30 Days. Here’s What Happened.

Some dispute the timing. I broke it for a birthday party over the long weekend—it was held in a brewery! Then I broke it the next weekend, too. Like Flopsy, I decided to break it midway for one party. That was it—the spell was broken. My reasons for doing it in the first place? One—and this is huge—to prove that I can.

It was Memorial Day weekend, and I was on what I believe to be my fifth glass of wine. Byrdie's news editor, Victoria, and I had jetted up to Santa Barbara for a day of wine tasting to celebrate the start of summer. We'd spent the day ambling from winery to winery, sampling a smorgasbord of pinots, both noir and gris, and at our last tasting of the day, we were both sporting a festive buzz. But that day, we were not just drinking to the holiday. It was really more of a goodbye party because starting June 1, I would be embarking on a sober 30 days. I know that for some people, going 30 days without drinking doesn't sound like a big deal, but I'd never done it before.

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My First 30 Days Sober

The holidays are a great time of year, stuffed full of fun, family, friends, and food, and—if you are anything like me—washed down with an abundance of beer, wine, and the occasional cocktail. When the season is done, I often feel bloated and like I need to do something. During the NFL playoffs? So I did a test run this fall. Consider this pre-gaming on abstinence. Off and Running I did it after Labor Day. The first couple nights were weird, but I soon settled into a routine, substituting green tea or sparkling lemon water for the beer and occasional wine while watching TV, talking with my family or a friend, or tapping away at a keyboard.

On the first day of my abstinent year — having quaffed cheap prosecco while partying until midnight in a kind of panic — I woke up with a nasty hangover. It was the anxiety-inducing kind necessitating a dark room, cold shower, swim at the beach and hot salty chips to restore any semblance of humanity. A month into my year without alcohol, I feel worlds away from that wretched creature who woke up to cracking open one bloodshot, puffy eye and cursing her appalling life choices. The things I love about being booze free include, better sleep, feeling calmer and dropping 4 kilograms without trying too hard. This change has required careful attention and a lot of work. It's involved a lot of reading and reflection, along with an honest assessment of my bad habits and a clear desire for change — and a bunch of very helpful people willing to hold my hand through the difficult first 30 days. There are a number of paths you can take if you're wanting to cut back on drinking, and I chose to start by visiting a GP a week or so before I quit.


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    I Stopped Drinking for 30 Days. Here's What Happened. May 19th Tweet This. Instant Workaholism Is No Substitute for Happy Hour. From April 10th to.

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    Going without alcohol for just 1 month will really boost your that giving up alcohol for 31 days can only benefit health, since drinking regularly.

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    Symptom Stages for Alcohol Withdrawal

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    Will a day alcohol detox help you sleep better, think more clearly, and allowed myself to drink on the dates, which was not a good idea.

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