I ain t got no time for that

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i ain t got no time for that

Mama Llama ainít got no time for no drama: An Inspirational Journal, Notebook and Diary for Girls by Typo Libre

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Published 18.02.2019

Flipp Dinero "Leave Me Alone" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Ice Berg - I Ain't Got No Time Lyrics

There are times when talking to my poet-friends is just so difficult. You can be in the middle of dinner, talkin about sumthin real intense too, and then, all of a sudden, BAM, they stop cold-turkey and write in their notebooks. I suppose I annoy people too, because I am always delighted by and stop dead in my tracks for African American language patterns. This expression is certainly not new since I have heard elders use it for as long as I can remember, so I suspect that my age and current circumstances correspond to its new frequency in my discursive toolkit. For many non-Black folk, the first time they noticed this expression was from the now infamous, internet-sensation Sweet Brown in early

Waiting in line at the pharmacy. Cancelled Flights. What is the deal with these anyway? The other day I was ON the plane, they made us get off, and then cancelled the whole thing. No delay, no warning, just cancelled. Computer Problems. Painting My Nails.

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Smart, capable workers need some direction and follow-up, sure, but they also thrive on autonomy. Frivolous management frequently encroach on the latter for no better reason than having free manager time to fill. One way to deal with this is simply not to have any full-time managers. Instead, we have people doing the actual work moonlight as managers to varying degrees. Jason Fried still does lots of design, writing, and marketing. I still do lots of programming, writing, and marketing. While the stereotype of managers, especially middle managers, is that they meddle, bother, and over-manage their team, the reverse can also be true.

Seeing a six-foot sand tiger shark suddenly appear right in front of you would surely make your heart skip a beat or two. But Tanya Houppermans , who nabbed this incredible shot 15 miles off the coast of North Carolina coast, says it was no big deal. With a smooth flick of its tail, the shark moved along, its beady black eyes set on bigger fish. Sharks so terrified Houppermans as a kid that she refused to wade into water more than knee-deep. But by the time the former Department of Defense mathematician started diving in , she realized her fears were exaggerated.


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    Mama Llama Ainít Got No Time For Your Drama Ė Crafty Mama K

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    I Ain't Got No Time (feat. Rick Ross) (Original Mix) by Ice Billion Berg on Beatport

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