League of legends concept art book

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league of legends concept art book

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Published 18.01.2019

Splash Art Step by Step

This book tells the story of how our art-and with it, League itself-has evolved over the years. It's a thoughtful and honest look at where we've been, how we've.
Ole W?ver


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Riot Games' latest project is a free online artbook for the game, and all players, whether fans or not of League of Legends , should definitely take a look at the gorgeous artwork being shown off. The universe created by the game is seemingly without boundaries, and the artbook looks to offer players a peek into the process that Riot Games follows in the continuing evolution of League of Legends. The pages contain explanations on the creation of the characters, the backstories of the heroes, concept sketches and high-quality images. Gamers who do not see their favorite champion on the list should expect them to be included in later versions of the online artbook, as this is only volume one. The Teamwork section features art depicting multiple heroes in various situations. Riot Games admitted that it took them a few years to realize the storytelling potential of such illustrations, but such artwork is now in full swing in development, with images included in the artbook depicting combat situations, beach trips, heavy metal concerts and so much more.

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Art Demonstration by League of Legends Artists

One of the artists mentions their background in comics and how they had to change their methods to better fit with the time constraints on League. For me the balance of imagery to information seems way off, which I think is why the whole thing seems skimpy. I wonder if the paid-for version is the exact same content. Tagged with Riot Games , League of Legends. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Find more information here. More about League of Legends.


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    A new Art of League of Legends book has become available today, allowing Riot games to show off the various artwork that goes into making the splash screens and loading screens of the game, along with the art of characters, concept art, and more.

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