Before i was born book

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before i was born book

Before I Was Born: God Knew My Name by Carolyn Nystrom

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Published 17.01.2019

Alice Oseman reads 'I Was Born for This': Chapter 1

Before We Are Born

If you are looking for a trusted resource to use in explaining sexuality to children 5 to 8 years old you will find this gently illustrated book an asset. From a biblical viewpoint you can explain sexuality, human reproduction, and the growth of a child inside the mother's body. Understandable yet straightforward text, and softened, but very realistic illustrations show the physical differences between men and women before and after puberty, as well as the miracle of childbirth. Children will develop an appreciation for God's marvelous gift of their bodies, including their sexual organs, and begin to understand the concept of families as God's intended framework for their own nurture and growth. It will allow you as the parent to be your child's primary sex educator, teaching what God's design for sex is all about, through marriage, pregnancy, and birth. Before I Was Born explains in age-appropriate language the basic nature of sexual intercourse between a husband and wife and discusses conception, fetal development, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

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A soon-to-be big sister and her parents prepare for the arrival of a new baby in the family. Alternating panels depict what the family is experiencing in tandem with how the baby is growing, spanning everything from receiving the news about the new baby to the excitement of its arrival. During the third trimester, the left-hand illustrations begin to push onto the right-hand pages, ultimately taking over the entire double-page spread. The result is a solid family discussion starter about a possible new addition to the family that allows a listening kid to take the questions in a medical or emotional direction or both, and fascinated youngsters will pore over the growth scenes and be stunned by the information that they, too, started that way. Children both young and old will be captivated by the details of fetal development and the story of a family preparing for and welcoming a new member. Pictures of Month Four through Month Nine reveal the actual size of the growing baby, while the illustrations of the first three months tell what the size would be and show a magnified illustration.

Keith L. Moore, T. Persaud, and Mark G. Torchia, allows you to efficiently and quickly assimilate the most important concepts related to this subject. Concise and richly illustrated, this popular book delivers the embryology knowledge you need in a highly efficient, reader-friendly manner. You can also access the complete contents online at www. Focus on the most need-to-know information with coverage masterfully distilled from The Developing Human, 8th Edition - the more comprehensive and in-depth embryology textbook by Drs.


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