American girl doll puberty book

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american girl doll puberty book

The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls by Valorie Schaefer

When we were little, American Girl publications were a pretty big deal in our house. I had a subscription to the magazine and my sister and I had dolls and books that corresponded with those dolls. Of course, as I started to grow up the American Girl phenomenon was no longer something I was interested in, but this book was still really really helpful. My mom bought it for me and left it on my bed when I was at school. She understood that some of the issues of being a pre-teen (or just hitting the teenage years) was something I would be uncomfortable talking to her about.

Learning about some of this stuff through a book that I trusted was a lot easier than asking my mom about the pros and cons of tampon-usage and what type of product I should use when my armpits smell.

I love that this book doesnt give really heavy advice that could misinform girls about eating disorders and emotional turbulence. I like how they always provide the advice of talking to a parent, teacher or other trusted adult when needed.

Im glad that American Girl was there for me and I hope it will still be around for girls for years to come.
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The Care And Keeping Of You the body book for younger girls - 2

Guy Stuff: The Body Book For Boys by American Girl

Earlier this year, the brand introduced its first boy doll, Logan. Now, the company is applying years of knowledge about puberty and adolescence in girls and sharing it with boys. The author of both books, Dr. I know one mom who bought it for her three sons and then pulled out the pages about breast development and periods—she told me that, since all the other information was gender-neutral, why not? Hopefully, it will offer another resource to help reduce the misinformation boys may receive from other places, Dr. Natterson said.

Guy Stuff comes on the heels of another gender-inclusive initiative from American Girl , which announced the release of its first-ever boy doll, Logan Everett , back in February. The new body-book for boys is available today from American Girl and other retailers nationwide, and I've got a peek inside for all you curious folks out there. Like Care and Keeping , American Girl's new body-book for boys is a head-to-toe guide that includes hair- and skin-care, body positivity, and sexual development. Natterson says the dearth of puberty books that are exclusively for boys makes Guy Stuff all the more necessary. More importantly, this new body-book for boys devotes an entire chapter to the "new feelings and emotions boys may be experiencing during puberty, including topics on peer pressure and bullying. Take a sneak peak at Guy Stuff below, and pick up your copy of the new body-book for boys wherever American Girl books are sold. This further reinforces the socialized pattern of not talking about what is going on because boys in puberty are chemically influenced not to.

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In , American Girl accomplished something truly remarkable: the doll company published a puberty book that girls actually liked. For many girls born in the last 30 years, The Care and Keeping of You has been a bible of awkward adolescence. Aimed at girls aged 8 to 12, it used a conversational tone and relatable illustrations to talk girls through everything from basic hygiene to the more pubic side of puberty. Girls kept copies of the book close at hand, on bookshelves or in secret hiding places, to return to for continued consultation. Nineteen years and several updated editions later, the Care and Keeping franchise has sold nearly 6 million copies. Now, parents who've considered the books a lifeline for their daughters are getting a counterpart for their sons: Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys.

The internet has changed how kids learn about sex, but sex ed in the classroom still sucks. In Sex Ed 2. There are few things more mortifying than being a preteen and needing to ask someone about good old Aunt Flo. American Girl's seminal book about getting our periods, dealing with acne, and finding healthy friendships provided answers to questions we were all too embarrassed to ask. Packed with informative, anatomical illustrations and simple, matter-of-fact details, the book was a staple for prepubescent girls before we all started Googling.


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