Next dresden files book 16

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next dresden files book 16

Peace Talks (The Dresden Files, #16) by Jim Butcher

Edited 9/23/15
Jim said at yesterdays reddit AMA that the manuscript is due January 1st. Generally a 4 month turnaround is necessary after that, 6 preferable. Penguin has managed to bring that down to as low as 1 month, but that is unlikely. (Props to Priscellie for most of the above info).

Here is Jims 50 word summary of what Peace Talks is about:

The various supernatural powers are gathering together in Chicago to kind of hash things out in the wake of the Red Court’s destruction and all the chaos in the world. So basically they will all sit around a campfire and tell stories and sing kumbayah and everything will be fine.

Jim announced on twitter that the first line is (view spoiler)[My brother ruined a perfectly good run by saying, Justine is pregnant. (hide spoiler)]

Edit(12/30/2014): At the 2014 Dragoncon Jim said that Peace Talks will take place about 3 months after the events of Skin Game (in the middle of Summer) and Harry will be living with his daughter and trying to be a dad when the events happen.

The name makes me think that Listens to Wind (LtW) will be rather central (remember the foreshadowing of LtW doing some mentoring for Harry back in Turn Coat?), but Jim has said that Molly will have some exposition.

I moved everything about other future DF books into my Mirror Mirror review. This includes information about much more than just Mirror Mirror.
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Black Gate Magazine Interview w/ Jim Butcher - ConFusion 2018

Butcher risks declining interest in the Dresden Files. Certainly, I find my interest in the next book to be fading as time moves on: it is not something I'm burning.
Jim Butcher

“I Can’t Tell You Stuff Like That!”: Jim Butcher on Dresden, Writing Comics, His New Home and More

I was a late comer to this series, and I have to thank my boss Steve for pushing me to read past the second book in this series much like he pushed me to read past the second Malazan Book of the Fallen novel. Jim Butcher has done an amazing job of this series. Guy knows his stuff. Thus it was, about six months ago, that I finally finished reading Skin Game and went looking for the next entry of one of my favorite addictions: Harry Dresden stories. Really glad that I did.

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No sooner does one novel of The Dresden Files hit the shelves, than fans start speculating about the next one. While Harry and Molly are most likely no longer subject to the Council's political jurisdiction, I don't think Senior Council members are going to forget the number of times Harry has disobeyed, embarrassed, or crossed them. Plus, at least a couple probably still think Harry's a warlock with plans for world domination. Some of the most powerful wizards in the world have ample reason to fear, dislike, or hate Harry Dresden. I suggest that future is in Peace Talks. When Peace Talks rolls around, Harry will be more powerful than he's been in a long time. He will have the Winter Mantle at his disposal.


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    The long-awaited 16th novel of The Dresden Files is set at a summit of the “ Folks seem to have gotten the wrong impression about this book.

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    Peace Talks, the 16th book of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, is finally to announce the completion of his upcoming Dresden Files novel.

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    Dresden Files Author Jim Butcher Talks About His Next Book 'Peace Talks' the manuscript for the 16th Dresden Files novel, Peace Talks.

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