Growing vegetables in a small raised bed

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growing vegetables in a small raised bed

Small-Space Vegetable Gardens: Growing Great Edibles in Containers, Raised Beds, and Small Plots by Andrea Bellamy

“Size matters! Andrea Bellamy shares creative ways to grow a wide array of vegetables, fruits, and herbs in diminutive settings, year-round.” —Debra Prinzing, author, speaker, and podcaster

Small-Space Vegetable Gardens explains the basics of growing a bounty of edibles in a minimal amount of space. Andrea Bellamy shares all the knowledge she’s gained from years of gardening small. You’ll learn how to find and assess a space, how to plan and build a garden, and how to sow, grow, and harvest the 60 best edible plants. This hardworking and enthusiastic guide will help you take advantage of the space you have—whether it’s a balcony, a patio, a plot in a community garden, or even a small yard—to create the food garden of your dreams.
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Published 04.01.2019

3 Gardening Upcycling Hacks for Growing in Small Spaces Ep4 S1

Growing Fruit and Vegetables in Small Spaces

Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Ellen Ecker Ogden , is the author of five books, including From the Cook's Garden , based on the catalog she co-founded in Vermont, and The Complete Kitchen Garden , which features theme designs for cooks who love to garden. For more information: www. Growing a small vegetable garden is like living in a small house: It's not as easy as it looks. One of the keys to success is making good plant choices.

Even the smallest of vegetable gardens can yield big returns. If you are limited on space but still want to enjoy fresh vegetables, you can use a variety of techniques to ensure a plentiful harvest all season long. Before planting, create a plan for your garden on paper so you can see the space you have for different vegetables. To maximize space, select vegetables that come in dwarf sizes like tomatoes or eggplants, or vegetables that can be grown vertically like beans and squashes. Avoid choosing vegetables that take a lot of space to grow, such as celery or potatoes, or crops that take a long time to harvest, like pumpkins or parsnips.


Is your garden bed a twin size versus a king? Or maybe you have no land at all, and only a tiny balcony or patio. No problem. As long as you can find a sunny location, either on the ground or in mid-air, you can satisfy your appetite for freshly picked produce. Even in a small 4-foot by 4-foot bed like this, you can grow plenty of vegetables. Photo by: Arina P Habich Shutterstock.


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