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black sea of trees matsumoto

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Kuroi Jukai (????) literally means "the black sea of trees," and may refer to: another name for Aokigahara, the forest around Mt. Fuji in Japan, sometimes simply called "jukai" ("Sea of Trees"); a novel by Seicho Matsumoto, Kuroi Jukai.

Sea of Trees

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The forest floor is littered with a seemingly endless amount of coloured tape used to mark the locations of new found remains from suicide victims. The first thing you notice is the silence, an uncanny embrace of tranquility paradoxical to the submersion in nature. But they never materialize and you are alone in a landscape permeated with the resonance of death. The terrain is irregular, an endless grotesque topography of volcanic rock and twisted, tangled trees. Stepping off the few defined trails soon leads to the detritus of despair, the residue of a campsite, a last supper of instant noodles uneaten as there is no source of hot water, cigarette boxes and every type of alcohol, discarded clothing, pornography, the packaging from kitchen knifes and lengths of rope.

There is a short documentary on YouTube, about twenty minutes long, about the Aokigahara Forest also known as Jaiku in Japan. The documentary follows Azusa Hayano, a geologist who frequents the forest, as he explores the undergrowth, looking for signs of people who might have committed suicide there. The forest, after all, is famous as one of the most popular sites in the world for people to commit suicide, a tradition that stretches back even before modern times — in times of famine, the locals used to leave the elderly, unwanted babies, the sick, and other people that society sought to exclude for the sake of survival, leading to a longstanding association of the place with death and, not surprisingly, the ghosts of those who died there. The forest, with its rugged density and lack of wildlife, enveloping the place in an eerie blanket of silence, seems particularly conducive to this kind of mythologizing. In , Seichi Matsumoto captured the Japanese imagination with the publication of his as yet untranslated novel Kuroi Jukai Black Sea of Trees , a romantic story of two doomed lovers. The narrative is simple enough. Each chapter concludes with a self-contained, italicized story about an unrelated character or characters who died in the forest due to various motives: shame, guilt, murder, and even a simple fascination with death.

8 discussion posts. Ashley said: Black Sea of Trees is a famous novel by Seicho Matsumoto, (Kuroi Jukai) which I've been searching for in translatio.
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Aokigahara Forest is a beautiful forest located around km from Tokyo, Japan, at the northwest base of Mount Fuji. From the air it looks like a green ocean. It was created around 1, years ago after an eruption of Mount Fuji. Its size is around 35 square kilometers. The impact of this story resulted in around 30 people yearly committing suicide in the Aokigahara Forest, until The next step of this dramatic story was influenced by another book called The Complete Manual of Suicide by Wataru Tsurumi.

Apr 12, AM. Keen to read the book one day if possible, but I think it might not be possible unless I learn Japanese! I agree, I think it'd be very dark, perhaps even too sad? I was surprised it wasn't listed, yeah - I wonder if it's not published anymore in Japan? Understandable perhaps. Just not in English it seems.

The reading public eagerly awaited it and it soon sold out. Just as an. Tiger Tanaka, wants James Bond to kill a man who, together with his wife, has bought an old. This begs a question: from where did Fleming get the idea of a suicides' paradise? Kaiju' Black Sea of Trees.


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    Japan's Aokigahara forest has a chilling history.

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