Short term gain long term pain

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short term gain long term pain

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Published 31.12.2018

Cash Clean-up In Real Estate: Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain?

Climate change could bring short-term gain, long-term pain for loggerhead turtles

Warwick McKibbin , Andrew Stoeckel. PHOTO: klimkin. President Trump looks set to make good on his election promise to cut taxes. There are many aspects to these cuts — what they do for industry, inequality, the incentive for multinationals to park profits offshore, and more. One important aspect we focus on here is the effect on the macro-economy.

This paper explores the effects of labor and product market reforms in a New Keynesian, small open economy model with labor market frictions and endogenous producer entry. We show that it takes time for reforms to pay off, typically at least a couple of years. This is partly because the benefits materialize through firm entry and increased hiring, both of which are gradual processes, while any reform-driven layoffs are immediate. Some reforms—such as reductions in employment protection—increase unemployment temporarily. Implementing a broad package of labor and product market reforms minimizes transition costs. Importantly, reforms do not have noticeable deflationary effects, suggesting that the inability of monetary policy to deliver large interest rate cuts in their aftermath—either because of the zero bound on policy rates or because of membership in a monetary union—may not be a relevant obstacle to reform.

September 5, An overwhelming scientific consensus affirms that for thousands of species across the globe, climate change is an immediate and existential threat. For the loggerhead turtle, whose vast range extends from the chilly shores of Newfoundland to the blistering beaches of Australia, the story isn't so cut and dried. New research from conservation biologists at Florida State University and their collaborators suggests that while some loggerheads will suffer from the effects of a changing climate, populations in certain nesting areas could stand to reap important short-term benefits from the shifting environmental conditions. In an investigation of 17 loggerhead turtle nesting beaches along the coast of Brazil, scientists found that hatchling production—the rate of successful hatching and emergence of hatchling turtles —could receive a boost in temperate areas forecasted to warm under climate change.

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Behind our methods lie several important concepts that guide us towards empowering those we work with and for: the engine that drives our community. We understand Human Centered Design as that done by and for the people, solving problems in function of them. If we are to understand design thinking as a creative problem solving method, HCD would then come to be a focus that seeks to organically integrate each solution to society. This approach enhances effectiveness and efficiency, improves human well-being, user satisfaction, accessibility and sustainability; and counteracts possible adverse effects of use on human health, safety and performance. Effective solutions developed under these parameters should, in theory, consider then the reaches of humanity, building upon them, but, what happens when solutions built so well around the difficulties its users face the solution itself hinders growth for them? As per Acumen, an NGO dedicated towards the eradication of poverty through education, the main characteristics of HCD are it being intrinsically empathic, collaborative, experimental and above all, optimistic.


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    The administration's argument for these tariffs has consistently been short-term pain, long-term gain. As it turns out, many farmers appear to be.

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