Pictures of herbs and spices

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pictures of herbs and spices

Herbs & Spices: The Cooks Reference by Jill Norman

The first illustrated guide to cover the whole spectrum of herbs and spices for culinary use. Herbs & Spices is an indispensable reference that shows how to prepare fresh and dried herbs, how to use herbs and spices in cooking, and details everything that other books on the subject leave out. Containing a unique collection of recipes, from herb and spice mixes to rubs, pastes, salsas, and marinades, these authentic formulas will encourage cooks to think creatively and experiment on their own. Grouped by aroma and taste, with step-by-step preparation techniques and beautiful full-color photography, this book describes 60 herbs and the benefits of using them fresh or dried, and focuses on 60 spices from around the world, with a look at the early spice trade and how cross-cultural fusion has impacted on contemporary cooking.
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List of Spices and Herbs: Their uses and Description. Mostly used in Italian and Mediteranean cuisine. Best with chicken, eggs, fish, pasta, tomatoes. Small bundle of herbs wrapped in a cheesecloth bag or tied together and added in soups to add flavor parsley, thyme, and bay leaves is the classic combination. A mixture of seasoning made from different tropical chiles, including red cayenne peppers. It is very hot and spicy, so use in moderation if you don't like spicy foods.

Cayenne is thought to act as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Sprinkle some onto your chicken soup to turbocharge that traditional cold remedy, since cayenne shrinks blood vessels in your nose and throat, relieving congestion. Studies find that it also has some anticancer properties, and researchers are exploring its potential as a cancer treatment. Finally, in at least one study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that people with diabetes who ate a meal containing liberal amounts of chile pepper required less post-meal insulin to reduce their blood sugar, suggesting the spice may have anti-diabetes benefits. Cinnamon is actually one of the most powerful healing spices, and has become most famous for its ability to improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes. Cinnamon can even help prevent blood clots, making it especially heart smart.

Practice your herbs and spices vocabulary the next time you whip something up in the kitchen! Watch the video for the correct pronunciation in American English. Solving puzzles is a great way to learn vocabulary. This book contains more than 25 crossword, word search and word scramble puzzles on twenty 20 different topics. Along with the FREE ebook, you'll receive my weekly newsletter with tips, lessons and special offers just for my subscribers. Do you like cooking? Do you like eating?

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Herbs and spices vocabulary in pictures

Our language has evolved in such a way that we lump together these two biologically different plant parts. While they share many similarities such as their ability to offer flavor, vitality and diversity to our meals, there are many factors that differentiate them. An herb is the green, leafy part of the plant. A spice can come from the root, stem, seed, fruit, flower or bark of the tree or plant. And a plant can be host to both an herb and spice at the same time like cilantro and coriander. Whole spices such as cinnamon sticks, allspice berries and cloves, to name a few, are whole and intact and not broken down or ground. These types of whole spices will keep their flavor and potency much longer than herbs or ground spices.

Ajwain - Typically ground, these seeds have a strong fragrance with thyme and cumin undertones. They pair well with starchy foods like flatbreads, green beans, root vegetables and legumes. Ajwain seeds are excellent mixed with lemon and garlic with fish dishes. Allspice - This individual spice is commonly confused as a spice mixture. It has flavors of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and a little pepper, but it is in fact a single spice.

Beautiful, fragrant basil is prized throughout the world. It is used especially prominently throughout the Mediterranean and in Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Basil is a great addition to soups, salads, and tomato sauces. It's also a great addition to fish, chicken, and cheese dishes. Bay leaves hail from the Mediterranean, and are important in Greek, French, and Italian cookery. They are most readily available in dried form, usually as whole leaves.


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    Food pictures of fresh herns and food photos of spices. Images of ground and whole spices and food pictures of sprigs of herbs. A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root.

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