Nurses speech romeo and juliet

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nurses speech romeo and juliet

Romeo and Juliet - Who is at fault for the death of Romeo and Juliet? Showing 1-50 of 381

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Romeo and Juliet - Act 1 Scene 3 - A room in Capulet's house.

Act, Scene, Line (Click to see in context), Speech text. 1. I,3, Now, by my maidenhead, at twelve year old, I bade her come. What, lamb! what, ladybird! 2.

The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet: Character Analysis and Quotes

Jule Romans is a retired English teacher and college instructor. She has taught Shakespeare and advanced literature for over 25 years. Peace, I have done. God mark thee to his grace! Thou wast the prettiest babe that e'er I nursed: An I might live to see thee married once, I have my wish.

Who is the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet?

Now, by my maidenhead, at twelve year old, I bade her come. What, lamb! I'll lay fourteen of my teeth,— And yet, to my teeth be it spoken, I have but four— Even or odd, of all days in the year, Come Lammas-eve at night shall she be fourteen. Yes, madam: yet I cannot choose but laugh, To think it should leave crying and say 'Ay.


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