Neo and morpheus fight scene

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neo and morpheus fight scene

Morpheus The Matrix Quotes

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Matrix - He Is The One

Subway Fight

By Kyle Smith. Yep — it was March 31, , that Neo first learned there was no spoon. Here are some fun facts to make you glad he took the red pill. Nor was Laurence Fishburne the first choice for Morpheus. Samuel L.

It's been almost two decades since the Wachowskis delivered The Matrix to theaters, stunning audiences with its visual dynamism while blowing their minds with a crazy futuristic concept that actually almost seemed plausible. In retrospect, its foundational philosophy was essentially Plato's " Allegory of the Cave " for the digital age, but still. It was heavy. What was most unforgettable about the film—apart from that head-scratcher of a metaphor about the spoon , of course—was the sheer badassery of its fight scenes. Never before had classic martial arts been matched with such incredible visual effects, and sheer existentialism, all in the same space. It was nothing short of an exhilarating entertainment experience, and even after all these years, the film's fight scene feats still hold up. Here's a look at how they pulled it off.

The Matrix is canon, its themes, style, vernacular, and visual language lodged so permanently in our brains that they're still referenced—and ripped off—today. Mostly this is due to the genius of the Wachowskis, who made a sci-fi masterpiece that fans watched again and again. But deeper that that, it's because they packed so many brainy, fun ideas into one movie that people spent years hashing, and rehashing, them out.
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Subway Fight

It's been 20 years since The Matrix first stunned the world with its game-changing action style, a brilliant blend of balletic martial arts moves and groundbreaking visual effects. The fight scenes were like nothing most audiences had ever seen before, but making all that action happen wasn't as simple as just hitting a button and downloading all those slick Kung Fu skills. Being major fans of Hong Kong martial-arts cinema, the Wachowskis went straight to the source and hired the legendary action choreographer Yuen Woo-ping to help them shape the fight scenes and turn the actors into actual fighters who could be seen to be doing their own stunt work. Whenever possible, that is. Keanu Reeves had some physical limitations after having neck surgery to separate two fused vertebrae; fortunately, he had an excellent stunt double: Chad Stahelski, who went on to direct the very Matrix -like John Wick movies. Yuen Woo-ping: The Wachowskis had been trying to get in touch with me for a while. Eventually, they were able to find a Hong Kong producer who found me and told me about the project.

Feel old yet? Guns — lots of guns. Completing the trilogy was the followup The Matrix Revolutions. That is one exclusive party! But not before plenty of kung fu action and epic slow mo fight shots.


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