Pokemon x and y characters

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pokemon x and y characters

Pokemon XY, Vol. 1 by Hidenori Kusaka

Pokemon X/Y volume one follows the story of five young trainers: X, Y, Tierno, Shauna and Trevor.

After a childhood in the limelight, X is despondent and withdrawn from even his friends for years. This time spent locked inside his room to hide both himself and the Mega Ring he carries. It is not until Lil Kanga, the baby of his Kangaskhan is captured that he fully emerges from his shell.

The art of Satoshi Yamamoto as always is right on point, capturing the games while adding his their own unique flare on the expression the Pokemon can make. Hidenori Kusakas characterizations are rich and bring new life to the characters portrayed in the game. Thus far the series is off to the strongest start of the franchise in my opinion.
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Pokemon Y playthrough ~Longplay~

Characters in Pokemon X and Y

Her home at the start of the game is Vaniville Town. Serena is a girl who seems to be roughly in her late teens. She has honey hair with grey eyes and wears a dark pink hat with a black hatband and white sunglasses. She carries around a pink handbag with black decals on it. She has a Mega Ring on her left wrist. Unlike the anime Serena, this Serena's only emotion is smiling, until she discover Xerneas or Yveltal - her emotion is surprised. She tried to get X leave his house but she failed.

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X and Y received positive reviews from critics, who praised the advancements in the gameplay and innovations that the developers brought to the franchise. The games' visuals and transition to 3D models were well-received by critics. - The new boy for the XY series, and Bonnie's older brother. Gadgeteer Genius extraordinaire, his inventions have helped Ash on more than one occasion.

He is linked to past events in the Kalos region. One of Professor Sycamore's assistants, alongside Sina. Jigglypuff is a Pokemon that is able to sing others to sleep. An International Police officer that appears in the Pokemon games. He is on assignment investigating Team Galactic and its plans. His signature moves are Aura Sphere and Force Palm. He is the main antagonist in the very first pokemon movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back.

Professor Sycamore is the professor who sends the character and their friends out onto their journey. He is first met within Lumiose City. Throughout the game, they shall battle you in order to test your skills. Shauna is one of three characters who live close to you in Vaniville Town. She is an incredibly energetic girl who is coming along on the journey to find a dream of her own.


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    These are characters in Pokemon X and Y. Trending pages. Calem Serena ( Pokemon Trainer) AZ Shauna Malva Tierno Trevor Bryony. All items (19).

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