Rebecca and matt vampire diaries

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rebecca and matt vampire diaries

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The Vampire Diaries - First kiss

Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Matt and Rebekah in Sexy Threesome?

But as fans of the series know, there is only one way to get rid of an Original vampire a White Oak stake. What does that mean for Rebekah? Rebekah then left New Orleans in her red convertible after saying goodbye to her loved ones. But producers reportedly would like the actress to reprise her role as a guest star toward the end of Season 1 or in Season 2. Please watch. You will definitely, positively, not be able to guess how it ends. Matt and Rebekah did share something special until she left for New Orleans, and Matt is definitely single right now.

When Hope Mikaelson is three, she sits on the sand and watches as a blond haired and blue eyed gentleman walks towards her and hands her a plastic shovel. She looks at the shovel. Matt Donavan nods his head, leaves the shovel behind and starts to walk away with a puzzled look in his eyes. Keep reading. I think this was the best episode of The Vampire Diaries all the time.

This is the relationship between the Original Vampire Rebekah Mikaelson and the human Matt Donovan. The relationship started in Dangerous Liaisons, when .
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We were pretty sure Matt and Rebekah would hook up on their European road trip, but we weren't expecting them to bring in a third party! The lusty kiss that followed convinced us these two were definitely going to explore more than the tourist sites! And we were right. Julie also told MTV that, "Matt promised Rebekah at the end of the season that what happens on the road stays on the road. So they get a great experience and a great adventure, and then when all is said and done and they part, it's very sweet and a nice button to the time that they had together. Claire Holt promises the steamy scene will please ALL their fans, saying, "The boys are going to love it; the girls are going to love it; and it was a lot of fun. I think they both realize it was a mutually beneficial relationship and it was going to run its course, and it will.

Following Carol's death, Bonnie's father steps in as the new mayor and show concern about Bonnie. Meanwhile, Rebekah and April work together to get Elena to speak to Rebekah, trapping Elena in the library. Stefan is called to rescue Elena, and he calls Caroline for back up. Both are tricked and locked into the library with Elena, although Rebekah allows April to leave. Meanwhile, Matt and Damon continue training Jeremy to expand the hunter's mark. Klaus gets impatient and Damon shoots him several times for killing Carol. Regardless, Klaus offers to provide vampires for Jeremy to kill starting with a pizza delivery woman; she attacks them, forcing Jeremy to kill her.

In the third season of The Vampire Diaries audiences were introduced to the Original family; the first vampires in history. We had already met Niklaus, the Original Hybrid, and Elijah, the noble vampire. And we finally meet the youngest Original and the only female Original vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson, in the third episode of the third season. Rebekah is certainly an intense character, growing up in an era where women were secondary and survival was difficult. She has taken this mentality through the ages, establishing herself as just as fearsome as her brothers, if not more. However, she can be extremely loyal, often to her own detriment.


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    Rebekah and Matt were supposed to go together to Homecoming Dance until Elena daggared Rebekah so she went with Matt instead.

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    The Vampire Diaries , a one-hour American supernatural drama , was officially renewed for a third season by The CW on April 26, , that aired from September 15, , to May 10,

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    It was and Rebekah was putting the finishing touches to her makeup.

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