Subway surfers guide and cheats

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subway surfers guide and cheats

Subway Surfers: Tips, Tricks and Cheats - A Subway Surfer Complete Guide by Mark Mulle

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular running games to date. It has over 1.5 million downloads since its released.

Subway Surfers is taking avid gamers to the train tracks where the game characters now play tag with a bulky but fast-running police inspector, a fiercely aggressive but cuddly-looking dog, and the pack of trains that defy the rules of physics, coming out of nowhere to harass your character into the hands of the unforgiving officer behind you.

So if you want a fast-paced game with easy-to-learn but challenging game play, there is little doubt that Subway Surfers is your fix and theres no better game guide then Subway Surfers Tips, Tricks and Cheats: A Subway Surfer Complete Guide. This guide features the following:

What is Subway Surfers?
Creator of Subway Surfers
Game Apps Platform
Game Menu
Daily Challenges
Game Features
What to upgrade first
Subway Trophies
Game Controls
How to Complete Missions
Help Guide on Completing Notable Mission Tasks
Game Strategies
How to Get the Highest Score
Collecting Coins
Unlocking Characters
Character Tokens
Using Power-ups
Using the Subway Trophies
Game Cheats

Grab a copy of this guide today and have more fun playing Subway Surfer with these tips, tricks and cheats!
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Playing Subway Surfers (Tricks, Cheats, Hacks)

Subway Surfers Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 10 Great Strategies You Need to Know

Super Mystery Boxes could earn you new and exciting rewards, while the shiny shields on the tracks could earn you prizes for the weekly hunt. When it comes to the swiping mechanic, there are some players who prefer to use one finger, and others who are more comfortable one on the left and one on the right. For example, you can use your right finger to move right and do special tricks, and your left finger to move left. Some of these moves are quite practical, such as swiping down to leave a jump in midair and continue running. Additionally, you can swipe left or right while in midair to change direction — this is another way to correct yourself in the game.

These are cheats and glitches in Subway Surfers. The Subway Surfers Wiki cannot be held responsible for a hack or change to one's copy of Subway Surfers in which results in the event of corruption of the game or save files, or otherwise any events that ruined the experience for the user. The instuctions of this cheat is the same as Time Travel Cheat. Jetpack-Jump is a glitch using a jetpack where you can jump really high if you jump at the right moment. Time Travel will allow you to buy removed limited edition characters, and other special mission with limited time, but note that the scene will not change. Similar to the Time Travel cheat, you can also extend the weekday events e.

Use these Subway Surfers cheats, tricks and tips to rank high on the Game Center and have more fun.
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1. Try to Stay High (No, not like that…)

Completing missions is important to achieve a high score. With each mission you complete, your multiplier increases by 1. If your multiplier is 1 and your score is , then your final score will also be But if your multiplier is 30, the same score of will end up being 6, As such, pay attention to your missions.

Not getting that high score that you always wanted? This type of game, which is similar to Temple Run, has all of the components of mechanics and positioning that is hard to get a grip of until you are told. So keep on reading on in this article and you will discover the hidden tricks and tips that will help get you farther into the game and score more points in The ground level where the tracks are, and not the trains, consist of the hazards and obstacles that will often trip you up by mistake and get you very frustrated and annoyed. A lot of the obstacles that you will see in Subway surfers are on the ground so staying up high on the trains will mean that you will face fewer obstacles, but it also means that you will have to keep on jumping from train to train or searching for the best train that is out there.


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