Pros and cons of owning a husky

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pros and cons of owning a husky

Siberian Huskies for Dummies by Diane Morgan

Bred for loyalty, strength and endurance, the easy-going and sociable Siberian Husky is a very pure and ancient breed, dating back 4,000 years or more. First bred by the Chukchis, a semi-nomadic people of northeastern Siberia, to hunt reindeer and pull sleds, the Siberian is an active breed that loves the outdoors. Prized for their great beauty, intelligence, wonderful way with children and lack of dog smell, they are also more free-spirited (and free-ranging) than many other popular breeds, and have a reputation for stubbornness and relentlessness in pursuit of a goal. Is this breed right for you and your family? Siberian Huskies For Dummies answers this and all your questions about getting, caring for and living with a Husky. Siberian devotee--she has eight of her own--Diane Morgan gets you up and running with what you need to know to:

Find and deal with reputable breeders Choose the right Husky for you Hou sebreak and socialize your new puppy Educate yourself and your dog Handle behavioral problems Participate in competitions In friendly, down-to-earth language, Diane provides insights into the Siberian Husky temperament and loads of sensible, easy-to-follow advice on everything a Husky owner should know--along with fun facts and Husky trivia, amusing and informative anecdotes, and tips on how to have a great time with your Husky. Topics covered include:

Understanding what makes the Siberian different from every other breed Deciding whether a male or female is right for you Understanding how to communicate with your Siberian Husky Training your Siberian Husky Grooming your Siberian Finding and establishing a good relationship with a veterinarian Breaking bad habits in your Husky Feeding and exercising your Siberian Husky Recognizing, preventing and treating common health problems Getting your Husky into sledding The indispensable guide for you and your Siberian Husky, Siberian Huskies For Dummies is the only book youll need to help you have the best possible experience with this very ancient and venerable breed of dog.
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5 Reasons You SHOULD NOT Buy A Husky!

What to expect when owning a husky

Adrienne is a certified dog trainer, former veterinary assistant, and the author of "Brain Training for Dogs. It is almost impossible to resist the alluring appeal of Siberian Huskies. Their wolf-like appearance combined with their beautiful glacial-blue eyes and joyful demeanor causes love at first sight. Add to that, the many amazing movies featuring this breed such as Snow Buddies , Eight Below and Snow Dogs, and you have the perfect concoction for an attractive breed. However, responsible dog ownership entails much more than just watching movies and admiring the striking appearance of these dogs.

Do you have what it takes to own a Siberian Husky? Are you Learn the pros and cons of owning this alluring breed which is not for everyone.
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Your Best Friend's Best Friend

Animal file: Siberian Husky. Siberian Huskies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world , in addition to being incredibly beautiful. But, as with all dog breeds, there are some advantages and disadvantages to Siberian Huskies that cannot be ignored. Logically, for us dog lovers, adopting a dog is synonymous with pure joy, regardless of breed, gender, age or color. However, it is always important to emphasize that before adopting a dog, you need to make sure that you can meet its financial needs and required care.

Dogs October 19, Admin 0. Dogs never hold grudges and always forgive. They never talk back and always understand. Not all dogs are good for all people, however, so it is important to research breeds to determine compatibility. Siberian Huskies are one of the most gorgeous, mid-size dogs that are bred to work hard and pull sleds through thick snow.

The Siberian Husky and humans share a special bond and the breed absolutely loves the company of humans. This is reflected in their behavior; it is kind and playful with everyone. Energetic, this breed is endowed with great endurance and has a vital need to run. It needs vigorous exercise in order to blossom and be happy. Otherwise, it can adopt a destructive behavior. The Siberian Husky is a little eater for its size.


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