Illuminati and the number 13

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illuminati and the number 13

Underground Knowledge — A discussion group - NEW WORLD ORDER: Numerology of the Global Elite Showing 1-50 of 57

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Published 18.12.2018

666 - Numberphile

Millions of otherwise rational people are terrified of the number 13, to the extent that hotels omit it from their floors, airplanes do not have a row 13, and the.

The Illuminati, Satan, and Numerology: Conspiracy Theories about Jay-Z's 4:44 Are Everywhere

It's been just over a month since Jay-Z's album landed. Jay told XXL that the track is "the crux of the album, just right in the middle of the album. And I woke up, literally, at in the morning, AM, to write this song. So it became the title of the album and everything. So that's that, right?

Illuminati secret society number 13

Unlucky Number 13 - Illuminati One Religion 2017

If anyone needed further proof that Taylor Swift is a certified evil genius who can go toe-to-toe with the Illuminati when it comes to cryptic clues, look no further than the release date of her newest single " Gorgeous. While some fans are busy parsing the lyrics for clues about her newest man, though, another questioned the release date. Why October 20? Why didn't Taylor — who has, for years, professed her undying love for the number 13 — have released the tune last Friday instead, on the auspicious Friday the 13th? Sorry, Swifties. That's way too amateur for Tay, who has learned a little something during her decade in the biz.


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