Rise and decline of the third reich

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rise and decline of the third reich

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany by William L. Shirer

Hitler boasted that The Third Reich would last a thousand years. It lasted only 12. But those 12 years contained some of the most catastrophic events Western civilization has ever known.

No other powerful empire ever bequeathed such mountains of evidence about its birth and destruction as the Third Reich. When the bitter war was over, and before the Nazis could destroy their files, the Allied demand for unconditional surrender produced an almost hour-by-hour record of the nightmare empire built by Adolph Hitler. This record included the testimony of Nazi leaders and of concentration camp inmates, the diaries of officials, transcripts of secret conferences, army orders, private letters—all the vast paperwork behind Hitlers drive to conquer the world.

The famed foreign correspondent and historian William L. Shirer, who had watched and reported on the Nazis since 1925, spent five and a half years sifting through this massive documentation. The result is a monumental study that has been widely acclaimed as the definitive record of one of the most frightening chapters in the history of mankind.

This worldwide bestseller has been acclaimed as the definitive book on Nazi Germany; it is a classic work.

The accounts of how the United States got involved and how Hitler used Mussolini and Japan are astonishing, and the coverage of the war-from Germanys early successes to her eventual defeat-is must reading

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THE GERMAN EMPIRE: The Rise & Destruction of the Third Reich () 2017

Rise and Decline Third Reich The Card Game

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It was a bestseller in both the United States and Europe, and a critical success outside Germany; in Germany, criticism of the book stimulated sales. The book was feted by journalists, as reflected by its receipt of the National Book Award for non-fiction , [2] but the reception from academic historians was mixed. The work was written and initially published in four parts, but a larger one-volume edition has become more common. Yet, despite extensive footnotes and references, some academic critics consider its interpretation of Nazism to be flawed. Barnes was an old friend of Shirer. The title and cover had already been sent out in catalogs when Robert Gottlieb decided that both title and cover had to go.

There was, instead, the beginning of a kind of willed forgetfulness of the horror of those years. No wonder.
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