Difference between flat and round characters

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difference between flat and round characters

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Flat and Round Characters

What is the difference between Flat and Round Characters? Flat characters are characterized by one or two traits. Round characters are.

Flat and round characters

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Flat Character Definition

In literary works like stories, novels, and plays the characters are the most important components as the whole plot revolves around them. Characters possess different traits, and we distinguish them on their basis, and as the plot of the work unfolds, we attribute certain characteristics or features to the characters. The round and flat characters in a literary work are the characters that are distinguished by their features and characteristics. At first, the terms of flat and round characters were described by E. Forster in his book Aspects of the Novel To give a better know about the type of these characters, the writer quoted Mrs. On the other hand, round characters are the complex figures that possess several characteristics and features, and as further the plot proceeds they have strong ability to surprise the audience as they undergo the change within the story.

The important thing about flat characters is that they never transcend or break with the formula that defines them. The word "flat" was first used to describe fictional characters by E. Forster in his book The Aspects of the Novel. Because a lack of complexity is the hallmark of a flat character, it's common for readers to have very little information about a flat character's background or the motivations behind their actions. Forster uses the example of Mrs. Micawber comes from a well-to-do family that disapproves of her husband, who is kindhearted but financially unstable.


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    Flat and round characters , characters as described by the course of their development in a work of literature.

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